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Bringing Singapore wife and son to uk

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Bringing Singapore wife and son to uk

Postby Skornno1 » Mon, 21 Jun 2004 6:30 pm

Wonderin if anyone can help. Ive spent 5 years in Singapore and have recently returned to the UK permanently. Now i also got married to a local singaporean girl and we have a little boy both of who i wish to join me in the UK to live.

We have organised most of what we require except that i need a letter of sponsorship from myself and 1 from my parents stating that i am willing and able to support them in the UK and that we have a place to stay.

Does anyone know of a site that gives samples of what to write because at the moment i am kinda confused. I've went through most of the visa sites but they only mention what you need, and dont give any examples

hoping you can help


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