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Ephedine to lose weight

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Ephedine to lose weight

Postby ksl » Fri, 10 Jun 2005 12:16 am

Ephedrine is extracted from the chinese herb Ma Huang, a very potent drug, when mixed with caffiene did actually burn fat.

It was sold exstensivily around the world until Body Builders started to abuse the herbal extract, which resulted in many deaths, enough for the authorities to ban it, and take all products off the shelves.

Strange that only this week, I received an email, to say the ban was lifted and licences to sell it where being issued again, I was offered 10 small packages for 300sgd.

I have no idea if this is true! But I would like to point out, that it may well be legal agin in the USA, but be careful!

Singapore law against this drug may not be lifted, it is very powerful and does work, should only be taken after consultation with your doctor.

It works like a kind of anphetamine, that speeds up the heart rate, which induces the metabolism to kick in, without exercise. be careful

If anyone does know, please support with the facts on this thread.

the link below is only a small bit of info on this chinese herb.

I was once under medication of weight loss pills for a 3 month period by my doctor, it was incredible, I didn't really need the tablets, more the help. Because i had always been a fitness fanatic to the extreme, that is what it's all about, to push boundries to the next level.

I was over weight because of other medication, which I complained about to my local GP,, Christ I tell him I run 25km 3 times a week, and i"m putting on weight, which in turn is depressing me.

He admitted that the medication would put weight on, so he authorised the pills, anyway I can tell you, I had some strange looks when I went to get these slimming pills, because the Pharmacy couldn't believe that I needed them, I was not fat.

At the time I had 18 inch biceps and a 48 inch chest, 8 inch wrist and weighed in at 92kg, not bad for a british bulldog.

Age will get the better of us, some more quickly than others, and i feel at my age, that still I am fat, I have 3 inches of ice cream all around my waist, that needs to come off.

And knowing that Ephedrine works, is very tempting for me, But wow is it really worth hanging for.

Let me know if it is legal in Singapore

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