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Charges for Recruitment Agency

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Postby sundaymorningstaple » Thu, 22 Dec 2005 3:21 pm

veryveryrich wrote:Gimme something NEW! 8)

Why sit there on your @$$! Go out there and create it! Don't just complain, do something, anything except sit there and complaining about how life isn't fair. Create something NEW! Don't just sit there and wait for the PAP to hand it to you just before the next election.

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Postby riversandlakes » Fri, 23 Dec 2005 3:17 am

Aah, so you are a non-grasshopper doing the opposite of spitting ON their *ss*es? As in kissing their *ss*s?

Buddy, no amount of *ss-kissing will save you when YOUR boss's *ss is in danger... Only you can save yourself.

BTW, I was replying to your post. Who qualified you to speak on behalf of 6,000,000,000 people? :P8)

Till there's something new and constructive in this thread, I'm outta here ;)

veryveryrich wrote:Well, then should I say that we are ALL outdated... NON-GRASSHOPPERS? (Well, I'm not...) Why are you still obey to your boss while still spitting their ASSES during lunch time?
Goatboy will always cherish his former goatgirl.
But the world is full of fluffier ones.

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Postby veryveryrich » Mon, 26 Dec 2005 10:41 am


Interesting Facts that WE ALL sitting here on our asses starting/replying to some information around these forums... starting/answering/elongating COMPLAINTS eh? :D

RSL, since it looked like you would quote from FACTS before you say something like "6,000,000,000" ppl, that you supposed that I'm representing (in fact only 3 person talking here, can't imagine you have such a HUGE & BIG thinking...) Why not check this out?

Where it shows an estimated amount of 6,488,578,564 by 01/01/06. Where are these 488,578,564 ppl? :twisted: Well at least U.S. Government is "assumed" the leader and qualified entity to mention about whether one should represent which amount of ppl. George W Bush doesn't get that kind of 'treatment' as well... do you? (Wow, KISS-GWB's ASS!)

Well, then stop talking rubbishes and get out of there and we (forum spammers) do something and be the next big thing! You want to HIRE the best of the best ppl around? CONTINUE! You want to take NEW challenges out of Business Practices? CONTINUE! Well, I am, as you guys said "pretend" to be "veryveryrich"? CONTINUE!

See you when you get there! :wink:

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Recruitment Agencies

Postby tin » Wed, 04 Jan 2006 11:01 am

help!! I'm also looking for a job and checking out recruitment agencies in the net. What recruitment agencies can you recommend? I'm going to apply for banking/finance/customer service/IT support positions. I'm planning to go there on February. :)

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