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Post by jpatokal » Thu, 23 Jun 2005 8:56 pm

ksl wrote:Maybe we should have another thread, on the pyschological profiles of moderators! What makes them more condecending? Why can't they just do their jobs quietly, without all the hype (look at me, I'm omnipotent & twisted evil,)
Let's see. We have two possibilities here:

1) I am genuinely twisted and evil and enjoy making you mere mortals squirm as I flex and show off my mighty, mighty powers to reconfigure electrons on your screen.

2) I am not being serious.

As for doing our jobs quietly, the one thing I hated on The Other Site even more than the random mass deletions was that it was impossible to get any answers out of the moderators there. Isn't it nicer to be able to talk to us? I mean, I tend not to blow sunshine up people's asses in real life either, but neither do I eat babies -- we're out here to make this board a better place and help other expats in Singapore.

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