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Thai policeman jailed for life for murdering British tourist

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Thai policeman jailed for life for murdering British tourist

Postby ABCNEWS NETWORK » Mon, 30 May 2005 10:49 pm

Thai policeman jailed for life for murdering British tourists

Officials prepare coffins containing bodies of British backpackers Adam Lloyd, 25, and Vanessa Arscott, 24

KANCHANABURI, Thailand : A Thai policeman has been convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering two British tourists last year following a row outside a restaurant in western Thailand.
Somchai Visetsing, 40, was charged with two counts of murder for shooting dead Vanessa Arscott, 24, and her boyfriend Adam Lloyd, 25, on September 9, 2004, close to the famous Bridge on the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi province.

Somchai was sentenced to life in prison for the killings, and convicted on two separate weapons charges.

Provincial judge Rungrat Vijitjongkol said several witnesses had testified that Somchai's car was at the scene, and said they heard gunfire and had seen
the suspect with the two tourists.

"The witnesses' testimony was credible. None of these witnesses had any reason for bias against the accused," the judge said.

Somchai had confessed to the killings during the police investigation, but later denied murdering the two and pleaded innocent during the trial.

"For the murder of Adam Lloyd, the sentence is life in prison. For the murder of Vanessa Ascott to cover up the crime of murdering Lloyd, the sentence should be the death penalty, but because he confessed during the investigation and provided useful information to authorities, the sentence is reduced to life in prison," Rungrat said.

Somchai testified in March that he had been coerced by police into confessing to the murders of Lloyd, from Northampton, and Arscott, of Torquay.

- AFP /ct


Kiss of death

Kiss of death

Postby Kiss of death » Mon, 30 May 2005 10:52 pm ... ews4.shtml

EXCLUSIVE: Pictures that prove murder
trial suspect lied about tragic Brits

Kiss of death

By Robbie Collin & Andrew Drummond

GRIEF-STRICKEN dad Graham Arscott developed this picture from his dead daughter's holiday snaps—and recoiled in horror as he saw the man accused of killing her planting a kiss on her cheek.

Then he realised the photo could be crucial in getting Thai cop Somchai Wisetsingh brought to justice for gunning down his daughter Vanessa and her boyfriend Adam Lloyd.

For Wisetsingh told a court he had NEVER met the couple who were murdered while on holiday near the bridge over the River Kwai.

Yet these stomach-churning pictures, taken in Wisetsingh's own bar, prove he LIED.

With cold, glazed eyes, he gives pretty Vanessa a chilling kiss of death—just hours later she and sweetheart Adam were dead.


Another snap shows a smiling Vanessa holding Wisetsingh's Buddhist amulet—which is supposed to show the wearer's respect for all living creatures.

Vanessa's dad Graham, 58, said: "The pictures were sent to us by the British Embassy in Bangkok. When we finally saw them and realised he'd been caught kissing our daughter we were absolutely horrified.

"Here was this Thai policeman feigning friendship and feigning a welcome to his bar when behind his smile was another motive."

But at first Graham and his wife kept the pictures secret.

Graham added: "We were worried they would reflect badly on Vanessa—being kissed by a Thai cop.

"But when he got into the witness box and said he did not know our daughter, we were driven to show them—to show him for the liar he is."

Wisetsingh, a drug squad officer in Kanchanaburi, 100 miles west of Bangkok, met Vanessa, 24, and Adam, 25, on September 9 last year in his seedy restaurant.

Witnesses say he made a pass at Vanessa when she went to the toilet and, after she came back crying, Adam took a swing at him, sparking a furious row.

Wisetsingh is then said to have chased them in his Volvo before blasting Adam twice and mowing down Vanessa. Then, witnesses said, he shot her three times as she begged for her life.

"We know what happened. The picture is clear. Now we want Vanessa and Adam's deaths avenged," said Graham.

A picture of Wisetsingh—as a violent love cheat—has also come out in court.

His third of four common-law wives, Dting, said: "Actually, I was one of the luckier wives—he did not shoot at me. But he took out his guns and shot his first and second wives. There was never any police investigation.

"He was a complete and utter womaniser. He likes to go for tourists or married women."

Wisetsingh also gained a fearsome reputation for his part in the notorious Drugs War last year when 2,500 people were gunned down on Thailand's streets.

He originally went on the run after Vanessa and Adam were shot and spent a month in Burma before giving himself up and confessing to the killings.

However, it's feared that while he was out on bail he intimidated witnesses and, when the case came to court, he denied the charges, blaming a mystery informant, Mr Ya, instead.

Although police say six people saw the shooting—none has identified Wisetsingh in court.


But one terrified witness later confessed to the News of the World she knew he was the killer.

Janpen Trirapee, 37, told the court she hadn't seen anything.

But she admitted to us: "I saw everything. I know Somchai. I know his car. I know his shape. But I can't testify against police."

The verdict in the double murder trial is due on Thursday. Graham, Joyce and Vanessa's sister Alyssa, 28, will be flying from their home in Holne Cross, Devon, to hear it. If found guilty Wisetsingh faces the death penalty by lethal injection.

Graham added: "I want to look into this man's eyes one more time. I want to see if he will show any remorse. We will never recover from the loss of our wonderful, outgoing, kind Vanessa but at least we hope justice will be done."


Postby BBC NEWS » Mon, 30 May 2005 10:57 pm

Thailand hidden dangers

They were back packers. They thought Thailand was wonderful and as safe as a trip say to Spain or Belgium. They had no idea of what can happen in SE Asia, especially when you mix in sex and booze.
The couple was sitting in a restaurant in rural Thailand at three forking AM when this happened. Of course, they were all boozing. If it hadn't been for the booze, probably none of it would have happened. In some of the pics the girl looks quite cute. The Thai cop may well have mistaken her friendliness for availability.

But according to the trial testimony, this cop was a bad one to start with. An ordinary police sergeant owns a Volvo and a Merc? He allegedly had mob connections and also had been one of the local "enforcers" in Thaksin's "crack down on drugs" (translate that as extra-legal killings of suspected dealers.) One of his ex-mistresses claimed he had pulled a gun on her, but had actually fired shots at his first two "wives". She also said he liked to put the moves on tourist gals.

Perhaps most ironic of all is that some papers reported the couple was supposed to have left earlier, but their flight was over booked or something. They liked Kanchanaburi so much that they decided to go back there ... where the "friendly cop" ran his restaurant.


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