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Different needs in of the bedroom

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Different needs in of the bedroom

Postby Perplexed... » Wed, 25 May 2005 12:37 pm live in boyfriend and I have very differnet needs in the terms of sex. I would love to be intimate once or twice a day he would settle for once a week. Our favourite times are at different ends of the day. I don't want to beg, or feel that he is going through the motions. I'm also ok with not doing in everyday if it means that it's quality rather than quantity. When we make love it is mind blowing, the best I've ever had...

I've tried lots of different thing....I'm more than happy to wake him up in the morning (and sometimes in the middle of the night) in the special way men love not expecting anything in return (I really love doing it). I send sexy texts during the day.

We have spoken about it on many occassions and we don't really come to a conclusion as I end up feeling that I'm pressuring him into doing something he's not that interested in.

I understand work can be stressful (we both work) I like sex to relieve stress, he doesn't. I like the work day to be done after we've both got home and have done the how was your day discussion. He tends to brood and think a little longer.

This is the only problem we have. We are very much in love. He is a wonderful man who treats me with kindness and respect. In every other aspect our communication is fantastic. We are both committed to the relationship and I don;t want this to become a wedge in teh relationship.

Has anyone been in a similiar situation? Any suggestions?


Postby Guest » Wed, 25 May 2005 4:44 pm

I'm a male, and have had many relationships, with over sexed women, lucky for me, I have always been over sexed myself.

In my younger day, 20's and 30's 4 or 5 times a day was very usual for me, but my partners, unfortuanetly found it difficult to satisfy my wishes, and always moved on.

I think too much sex can actually destroy the partners confidence and can actually scare them away. I mean really i just couldn't cuddle, without getting an erection and wanting to make love, It really is a nightmare, and many times i discussed with my doctor about it.

Now I am much older, I have become more mellow, my wife is quite happy with once a week, So being considerate, i avoid cuddling and explain that i always get an erection and it doesn't go away, so therefore you will have to wait once a week for a cuddle. Ha

Other than that i still rise to the occation and wake up with a hard on most mornings.

You must be careful, that your partner doesn't start to think or worry about is ability not to have sex with you when you want it.

Once a week is definately not enough for me and I am middle aged, two or three times a week would suit me.

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Postby Retired*23 » Thu, 26 May 2005 11:53 am

Dont stress your guy too much. It pretty stress for guys sometimes.
For me, once a week is good enuff, if the girl wants more, i will give but i will feel stress and find it not interesting anymore :)
Sometimes you can do it yourself u know :)
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