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Cheap and good gorecery

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Cheap and good gorecery

Post by Jean1 » Fri, 20 May 2005 1:04 pm

Hi All,

Am recently moved to Singapore and haven't got a job yet, living on my b/f's and my own saving. Am going to look for a job or set up my own thing, but anyway, before, it would be sensible to minimise the expense.

My question is, since my b/f does not have an expatriate package and am out of job, any one know where can I get some cheap and good gorecery (include meat, veggie, fruit, herbs.. etc.)

I have been shopping in the Cold Storage and Carrefore, Cold Storage is nearly 20% more expensive than Carrefore and meat and fruit are not as good as in Carrefore, but they are more conveinent and better wine.

Anyway, everytime I went shopping, it cost be S200 easily (for a 3-4 days' food). I am not sure what you guys think, some of you may think that is cheap compare with where you come from. But think about it, some of the local people are only earning S2000/ month or even less, there must be somewhere they can get better food in better price.

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Post by Sandpiper » Sat, 21 May 2005 10:48 pm

Jean1, have you tried wetmarkets? Great fresh fruit, veges, seafood and meat (I understand there is a guy in Tekka markets who imports his meat from Oz...ra ra) for a lot less than the supermarkets. So could be a good place to start plus they are such a wonderful experience - you really feel like you in a different country (well that is of course depending on what the country you come from is like...actually mine has fresh food markets which I love also, but the types of fruit and vege are different, although at Tekka and Farrer Rd markets at least you can pretty much get all your standard Western stuff as well if you need). Go early if you can :)

Also try the Giant supermarket chain and Fair Price if they are near you.

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