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will i success in my application?

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will i success in my application?

Postby lemontree » Thu, 19 May 2005 10:42 pm

I am thinking of applying for the 2 yrs nursing course at NYP, but i read from yesterday paper mention that out of 262 nursing student , 163 of them are university graduate, that means only 99 of them are diploma holder. I am only a diploma holder, is't means that my chances will be lower?

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Postby Strong Eagle » Thu, 19 May 2005 11:24 pm

Hey... you want to know the future with certainty before it happens, right? So would everybody else.

Statistically speaking, from the numbers you gave, 163/262 = 62 percent have a degree. Or 38 percent are diploma holders. Your chances are less than 50/50.

But, these are such meaningless numbers. You have no idea of the number or percentage of applicants, do you? It could be that 99 percent of the applicants are diploma holders, so your chances are slim. Could be 99 percent are graduates so your chances are great. Who knows?

So too, is anyone else's estimates of whether or not your chances will be lower. Look, 99 people were accepted. They had the right combination of skills and aptitude. Are you in that 99? Only you know. I will make this guess though. Those that are accepted are confident, they step up to the challenge. Those that don't make it are unsure... they avoid risk, they want to make sure everything is "right" before making a step.

Guess what? If you want the chance, then apply. The worst that happens is that you get rejected, and you'll be exactly in the same position as if you stood around wondering if you should apply. Who cares what the chances are? Somebody got in, even with the lower chances.

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