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Post by Kimi » Thu, 19 May 2005 12:22 am

Since I have a friend who had been depressed on and off for years, just thought the below from Kaiser Permanente Online might help to those who feel they might suffer from depression or even just stress.

If you're battling the blues, there are many immediate steps you can take that will have a positive effect on your mood. If you are suffering from depression, however, these self-care measures are unlikely to be enough. You'll need help from a medical professional as well.

Try some of these suggestions:

* Schedule some fun into your day. Make time for pleasurable activities—especially those you have enjoyed in the past—even if you don't feel like it.

* Reach out. Spend time with positive, supportive people. Our message boards are a good place to share your feelings with others.

* Think positive. Challenge negative thoughts with statements such as "I am hopeful," "Things will get better," "I can ask for the help I need." Write these statements down and re-read them (even if you don't believe them yet).

* Be patient with yourself. It took time for your depression to develop, it will also take time for your symptoms to improve. Avoid taking on too much or being hard on yourself.

* Stay active. Regular exercise may help lift your mood, reduce stress, and raise your energy level. Use a pedometer (an easy-to-wear device that senses your body's motion) to count your steps and motivate you to increase your activity. Learn about our 10,000 Steps® Program.

* Break tasks into small steps that are easy for you to manage. This may help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

* Unwind. Find some simple ways to relax and reduce stress in your life. Our HealthMedia Relax® program will design personalized strategies to help you reduce and manage stress. (This program is for our members only.)

* Get professional help managing your grief if you've experienced a loss, and you haven't noticed any improvement in your mood after a few weeks.

* Alcohol and drugs won't help. Using alcohol and drugs can make depression worse.

* Most of all, don't give up—you can feel better!

Note for caregivers: Helping a family member or friend with depression can be a rewarding experience, especially when you know that your care has a positive effect. However, caregiving can also be difficult, and you may find the suggestions here useful to you as well.

Do notice however that one should be able to distinguish they might be feeling depressed at that time or suffer from depression or even just feel stressed out (again at that time).
What do you reckon the cause for you who feel any of them?

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Post by Strong Eagle » Thu, 19 May 2005 3:32 pm

A good thought to remember is that depression is not the problem. Depression is a symptom of another problem in your life.

Depression almost always results from a feeling of helplessness, of not being able to control your own personal situation. For example, you may absolutely hate your job and at the same time feel hopelessly tied to it in order to pay your bills. The net effect is depression.

There are two ways out. First, change that which depresses you. Find another job, for example. Or, if that not possible, then taking another view of what you have can make the difference.

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Post by pete338 » Sat, 04 Mar 2006 1:56 pm

I always have mood swing and every morning when I get up, I feel low in spirit. I'm always worrying about things...
I was under medical attention last year, but stop as the medication prescribed makes me "not interested" in anything, sleep all the time, you can say that the medication "immobilise" me to the extent that I don't feel like going to work.
Do you thing I should go back for medical attention again...

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