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Neighbours noisy kids-pls help

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Neighbours noisy kids-pls help

Post by Jojo » Sun, 15 May 2005 6:33 pm

I've been 2 years lives in sg, originally I'm from indonesia. In Indo I get use to lives in private home (landed house), here in sg I lives in HDB flat somewhere in jurong. I got 3 neighbours that got kids member. Almost everyday between 3-7pm their kids like to play around the corridor in front of my corridor, or if not, infront of the staircase. Playing basketball or running arround and sometimes screaming and shouting. I'm a bit annoyed, but for this 2 years I just try to be patient coz I dont want to make it a problem with their parents. But after the upgrading lift finished recently, the corridor infront of the lift and the staircase more wide and large, make them more often to play there. I tried to talk to them before, asked them if playing there not shouting or running arround with loud thumb thumb, that make my dog, a jack russell(a very active dog), barking lot of loud. And I can say they like to make my dog bark, everytime my dog bark they also make sound like meow or woof woof. But kids are always kids, they still like to shout and playing there. I'm just a house wife, so after I finished my house chores I spend my time to read books, watching tv, or do handycraft like paper tole. But I really cant focus on my book with too much noisy, even sometimes I cant take a nap after do my house works, see tv also not comfortable with this noise. Anybody can help me out with the solution? Or tell me, is this problem are common in sg? First of all, I rather scared if talk again and again about this to the parents that will make them think I dont have toleration to kids. From this 3 families got a parents that I cant talk with, coz they are from china and cant speak english well, and their kids very noisy one compare the other two families kids.
Can anybody tell me what to do, or tell me in this case, can I lodge complaint?


Post by X » Sun, 15 May 2005 7:17 pm

complain to your district town council... since it is their 'territory' for use of common properties in hdb blocks... the officers will send them warning letters.

call for a mediation services at your local community centre or club. ask the staff at the general office for help to find one.


Post by Guest » Sun, 15 May 2005 7:23 pm

as for your dog, pls have a mouth guard for to stop him for barking as this inimidates the kids and can be used for grounds by the parents to counter complain you.

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Post by sved » Mon, 16 May 2005 12:23 am

Invite the parents in your flat while the children are playing.
They will realise the situation and think more to you after that.


Post by Jojo » Mon, 16 May 2005 12:07 pm

Thanks for your advises, I think if can I will not lodge a complaint to town counsil if there is another way to settle this case, but I want to know one thing, is in singapore, kids playing in common corridor, lift area are very common and can be tolerate? Or this is just some several parents that dont care about neighbourhood privacy? I ever saw once, one of my neighbour, the kids play run up and down the staircase, chasing each other, one of them felt, but the mother just stand still while shouting asked the kid brother to stand her up. After the kids finished crying they continue playing the game run up and down the staircase again. From this insident, what I think is, this parent are support and allowed their kids to play arround public corridor. So, I questioning my self am I in the wrong if I want a little bit privacy and peace?

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