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(lack of) free water in pubs & clubs

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(lack of) free water in pubs & clubs

Post by fsc » Sun, 08 May 2005 10:42 am

Hey all,

I was out clubbing last night and had a bit of a disappointing experience.

The club in question would not serve free drinking water, and when pushed were quite rude about it. When I first asked for water I was told "sorry, we don't have tap water"! I was offered Perrier instead. :shock:

I eventually got my ice water, but could not get one for the friend I was with (was told "One water for one person"). I mean, please! Give me a break! I can buy four drinks, but only get one water?

This was the case even though there was a cover charge of thirty odd bucks (which included two drinks) and I was drinking a fair amount of alcohol as well. It's not even like I went there, paid my entry fee and just drank water all night, but even then that should not be an issue. That's why you pay a cover, right? Has anyone else had this problem?

In other countries, like Australia and the UK it's against the law to withhold water in licensed establishments (e.g., ... water.html). I had a search but couldn't find anything legislated in Singapore to that extent. Does anyone know if it's illegal to do so in Singapore?

Is this common to the Singapore clubbing scene? I find the practice totally irresponsible.

Feeling frisky, are we?


Post by WELCOME » Tue, 10 May 2005 5:03 pm

TO SIIIIIINGAAAPOOORE! You may have heard the term 'money talks' ?

Here money is using Metallica's concert speaker system inside the Esplanade!

Write to the newspaper forum page. It worked for me when a restaurant in holland v tried it with me.

Name and Shame, turn their Game coz its so Lame.

Write to the club owner and tell him how 'backward' and 'uncool' his club is. That works too as most of these local pub owners are paranoid about image and how other people percieve them.

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