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Small pleasures

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Small pleasures

Post by Kimi » Thu, 05 May 2005 7:44 pm

Felt unsure whether it' s going to be a good decision
but then I felt this compulsion
and decided not to be that smart
and listened to my heart.

Again decisions,
that are not as easy as deciding about cushions
whether I' d go for the mountain bike that makes me look cool
or the mamachari that might make me look like a fool.

The blue mamachari won my heart
cause I don' t have to look smart
on a bloody bike
and whoever disagrees can take a hike.

I looked at the rain
and waited in vain.
My watch was ticking
and my teeth were clicking.

I rushed my bike
after taking a hike
feeling the wind blows across my face
and the fear of falling disappeared without a trace.

The wind touched me and took away
the painful thoughts of yesterday.
It held me close and carried me
out of captivity and set me free.

Mamachari is a bike with a basket in front btw, in Japanese...
So, what's your small pleasures?

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