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Migration to Melbourne

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Migration to Melbourne

Postby Rocky » Wed, 04 May 2005 11:42 am

Hi guys,

I need the help of experienced people on migration issues. I have been researching on migration procedures over the last month but certain questions are holding me back from spending money to proceed with the application. I am desperate as I am separated from my fiance in Melbourne.

I wish to apply for residency in Australia thru fiance category. My partner is currently holding a Resident Return visa. She is still in her final year of university.

1) Can she sponsor me even though she is not working? If not, who else can?
2) While on fiance visa, am I able to study in the local universities as a PR, or an international student?
4) Am I given the rights to work full time?
5) Aside from having to leave the country, what are the other penalties I would face, should we not get married in the given 9-month period? Can i come to Australia on visitors visa then?

Lastly, please suggest a cheap, reliable migration agent. My sincerest gratitude to all...

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