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Benefits Of Walking

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Benefits Of Walking

Postby Guest » Mon, 02 May 2005 6:12 pm

Benefits Of Walking

Burns calories

Stretches and strengthens muscles

Increases heart rate

Increases oxygen intake

Reduces stress

Aids in weight loss

Exercising aerobics or any other program is found difficult by most of us.

We don’t exercise because most workouts are very strenuous. Though they help you loose weight soon but they make you extremely exhaust. The truth is that the body don’t let to go further in case of aerobics. Moreover some people are suffering from one or the other kind of disorder that doing strenuous exercise is prohibited for them. So, what’ the scope left for them to remain fit. If they won’t exercise, this will add to their problem. The simple solution is walking.

Walking for fitness is not only easy and simple but most people can do it. People were much healthier before the automobile became affordable. If you think back to when you didn’t have a car you were probably thinner and healthier than you are now. So, get back to your normal days and choose walking as the good answer to solve your health problem.

Walking is good to remain fit. Walking works all the major muscle groups. It increases your oxygen intake and oxygen is what burns calories. Walking does not cause as many injuries as other types of workouts. It can practically be done anywhere, anytime, and you don’t need any special equipment other than a good pair of walking shoes. Most people will exercise regularly if their workout is one that they can keep up with without too much difficulty.

Walking allows you to control the intensity without quitting early. You can start a 20-minute walking program at a pace that's comfortable enough for you to complete your workout. As you become fit you can keep the same pace but increase your workout to 30 minutes. When this workout feels easy you can either increase the time to 45 minutes or increase your speed.

There are plenty of ways to build up a good walking program. You can try interval-walking, ten minutes at a comfortable pace, switch to a faster pace for ten minutes, and back to the slow pace for ten minutes. Thirty minutes is sufficient for a walk. You can increase your distance slowly. You may think that you should move to a more strenuous workout, maybe you think you should start jogging to get added benefits. Wrong, you can continue your walking workout for life making small changes that will give you added benefits without the injuries.

You’re probably saying, "Great for the lower body but what about my upper body?" If you are moving your arms as you walk, pumping them as you go, your upper body is definitely getting a workout. Also, if and when you feel ready you can use light hand weights to increase your upper body workout.

Try to be regular with the routine. It’s good if you do 5-6 day a week. This will give you good results and quickly also. Some people are following it for the rest of their lives.

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