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Dog friendly place to live

Post by lovely » Mon, 02 May 2005 2:09 am

Ok. It looks like we are getting closer and closer to signing a deal to move to Singapore. So as this "what if" proposition our company has made becomes more of a reality I am looking into a good place to live with my 80lbs Wiemeraner and my 45lbs lab/whippet. These are our children!!!! We adore them. They have always lived in a large one bedroom apartment and we take them on walks everyday. We are looking at living on the East Coast, looks like our budget maybe 2k for an apartment. Does anyone have suggestions/experience living with a dog on the East Coast. Are there off-leash areas, friendly apartment complexes etc. It will really help our search. Thank you!!!

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Post by beenhere10years » Mon, 02 May 2005 4:09 pm

Not sure what happened to my last post, I'll try again.

Depending on where you are moving from, the cost your dog's quarantine may exceed your monthly housing allowance, ouch!

As a dog owner, and a BIG dog owner, I would suggest something that does not require you to ride in a lift with other residents. The preconception here is that big equals dangerous when it comes to dogs. It is changing, but larger breeds like German Shepherds are used mostly for security on landed estates, definitely not as pets.

Then there is the consideration that must be given to Muslims, many of whom believe that dogs are unclean. A drawn out cleansing ritual is performed even if they touch a dog, another good reason to avoid small places like elevators.

If you keep your dog on a leash at all times in public spaces and of course clean up after them, you should have no worries at all. Good Luck!

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Post by sundaymorningstaple » Mon, 02 May 2005 4:35 pm

Here is an additional link regarding your dog.

While it doesn't specifically name a Wiemeraner, and I also know for a fact their gentleness, it may be deemed muzzleable when out on a leash. I would contact AVA for confirmation as I think muzzling in this heat is cruel. All HDB housing limits the size of dogs that may be kept and quite a few condos do as well, you may also be subject to keeping only one. These need to be checked out before you ship your dogs. The best option is landed properties like Seletar Airbase which have large compounds and are fenced in (I lived there for 15 years with up to 3 dogs at one time).


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Post by dot dot dot » Mon, 02 May 2005 7:09 pm

I absolutely believe the dogowners do love their animals a lot, but with average temperatures in the mid thirties in degrees celsius, humidity close to 100%, one might wonder if the dogs love to live in this climate?

I have seen owners walking proudly with their husky dogs at east coast park, whereas the dogs themselves were just about to collapse from the heat.

I would never ever bring my dog to Singapore if I truly loved the dog so much.... :?

Serious, this is not a climate for the dogs to be happy?



Post by lovely » Tue, 03 May 2005 1:47 am

Thank you for all of your advice. We are coming from Hollywood, California which has a high temp most of the year, we understand the humidity might be an issue. We are actually on two separate contracts so each of us will be getting our own apartment Our contract is for 2years so we could not leave them home no matter what. Our company is paying for all of our moving and housing costs so that should not be a problem. I was just looking for suggestions for a condo complex in the East Coast which is dog friendly as one of our team members is going over next month to secure our apartments. We will all live in the same complex and I wanted to give her some ideas.

Thanks for your responses.


Post by beenhere10years » Tue, 03 May 2005 6:35 am

Hi Lovely,

I know the East Coast looks dog friendly, and for the most part I guess it is. However, a paradox of Singapore is that it is a tropical island where real estate is highly valued, yet the beach front is horrible -- even unsafe. At times there is lots of garbage and dangerous rusted metal debris. Just be careful with you and the dogs. Infections here can happen very fast. My friend just lost her Lab in 48 hours. Fine on Friday, dead on Sunday.

If your dogs love to swim, consider Sentosa. Really only works if you have a car, but off hours there are some cleaner beaches where they can swim with you. Are they microchipped? I think its required now. One more thing: when you go out to Jurong, toquarantine, consider having the taxi wait for you -- it is impossible to get a cab out there. Good luck sorting it all out & welcome!


Post by lovely » Tue, 10 May 2005 1:29 am

Thank you so much for your help! We will be very sure to watch for debris on the beach. How sad for your sad. This is all very overwhelming to us, but we are getting a better understanding of the country and how we will be able to live there with our dogs. Thank you. This forum has been so helpful answering our questions. :-)


Post by E » Fri, 20 May 2005 7:33 pm

Hey there,
We have two dogs and live on East Coast Road. The beach is walking distance away and we walk our dogs there at least twice a week. Dogs will adapt to the humidity and its not all that hot All the time.

Tip: When we go out, I bring a 500 ml water bottle that's been left in the freezer and mix this into their bowl with tap water, so for about 4 hours, they get real cool water.

Bring them over! There are so many activities for dogs here. :D

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