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need a little advice

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need a little advice

Postby robm » Sat, 30 Apr 2005 9:49 pm

I clicked through to this message board whilst searching for information on job opportunities in Singapore. I have read through a number of the postings and subsequent replies with interest, and have noted the numerous people who post messages looking for 'relocation' advice.

I am Irish, 28 years old and have been working (in London) in a project-management-type role in the nonprofit sector since I finished my first degree (business management) six years ago. I have progressed rapidly and now manage a reasonable turnover and a healthy-sized staff team (approx 125employees, mixed full and part-time). In the mean time, I have recently completed a masters degree in business administration (MBA) part-time. Completing the MBA has served to provide me with an exit strategy from the nonprofit sector to the corporate world. Recent experience with a number of UK based head-hunters has proved this to be the case.

I had some family living in KL when I was growing up and enjoyed many summers over there and in Singapore. In my more formative years I have travelled throughout SEA a number of times, which has served to heighten my desire to relocate.

I have booked a flight and will be arriving to spend two weeks in Singapore from mid-June. In this time, I am hoping to try and make contacts, search for employment opportunities, meet with people similar to me so as to clarify lifestyle-expectations and gather information about living and working in Singapore.

Whilst I’m sure this is very interesting to you all, there is a point to this posting. There are a number of things I am having trouble with. I have been trying to arrange to meet with a number of the recruitment agencies I found on the web with little success. Does anyone know if any these agencies meet with speculative applicants or should I be applying for actual jobs on these websites? What is a good starting point when I arrive in Singapore – is there any point in visiting the Irish embassy (they are probably more interested in helping skilled workers GO to Ireland than leave it)? I am slightly conscious that whilst I know I can persuade people that my skills and experience is wholly transferable and relevant to the corporate sector in the UK, I am unsure about the cultural differences in this respect. If I have do not have direct industry experience in any given field, will I find it difficult to persuade people in Singapore that my skills are transferable?

Many thanks in advance for any help or advice!

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Postby Kimi » Sat, 30 Apr 2005 10:00 pm

Somebody here referred me to the website to know of the salary range for professionals here.
I heard of TempStaff that has an office in Japan, Singapore etc. but 'tis more of a job agency rather than a headhunter.
Maybe you can try to contact the big headhunters like Robert Walters that has offices in different countries.
Applying directly to the companies you're interested in would be another option too, I suppose.
Good luck! Keep us updated how it goes?

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