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The scientific study of advantage.

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The scientific study of advantage.

Post by GuGuToo » Mon, 25 Apr 2005 2:43 pm

What is advantage according to Nuee, the colour. Advantage is not just being better, but being a little bit different from the rest, resulting in some inbalance, therefore, an advantage.----Advantage is about being able to turn things your way convieniently, without any trouble. For instance, take the bicycle, to go at that speed through walking, would be very inconvienient, the bicycle turns that around easily. But how do we obtain the bicycle, through pretense that we have one! In that way, in abstraction you are travelling at the preferred speed.----Advantage is doing well, but just better than others, that way you have an advantage, not intimidation.----Advantage is about giving others a chance, that way, others are classified naturally weaker than you and you have an advantage. Is chance about losing? Not necessarily, chance is about letting go of unessential things in your life.--NOst.(End of the street).

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