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Re: Numerology / Astrology

Postby jackywoo » Sun, 23 Apr 2017 5:20 pm

Numerology is traditions or beliefs in a mystical. I believe numerology is science , physic , emotional intelligence ( eq )989 DNA. The Mystical Merkabah, Kabbalah Formation. The truth numerologist can "predicts" your Life Path , You Past/Future events happen(ed). Numerology is like DNA , a link of events after events with the "designed" paths.

Taking an example : Donald Trump has numers 666 , 663 , 336 , 14 etc decry-pt the number code ( like da vinci code) tell us that Donald Trump is a tough, creative and has some good "luck" from past life. Bible wrote "666" is evil . But if you mirror the word eviL and you see is"Live".
Coincidentally , Jobs Steve has the numer 336 which made him a person a very creative , fast action and loving personality .

Alot more numerology code were yet to be unveiled and we are now in 2017 in the spiritual high vibration timeline in universe. People are seeking for life and spiritual inner voices.

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