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Any Jun Fan JKD people in Singapore?

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Teck Loh
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Any Jun Fan JKD people in Singapore?

Postby Teck Loh » Thu, 21 Apr 2005 10:25 am

Hi guys! I just returned from UK where I did some Jun Fan JKD. Now
that I am back, I refuse to let my skills go to waste. Therefore, I am
looking for JKD practitioners to help me continue my training.
Hopefully, I can keep returning to UK for my grading. I am a just a
phase 1 student, not a teacher by the way.

I am looking for anyone who has done Jun Fan JKD(Not the Concepts
stuff) to be my training partner. We could meet once or twice a week
at some park or gym and do some pad work and drills like 4 corners and
hands trapping. Of the hands trapping, I did pak sao, lop sao and the
swinging gate drill. Not too much I know, but these 3 drills
require constant practice for one to be proficient enough to pull it
off in a real fight.

Now, why am I looking for just a training partner and not a proper
school? Because I checked with my teachers in USA and UK. There are no
JKD schools in Singapore at the moment. By JKD schools, I mean proper
schools run by instructors who can trace their lineage back to Bruce
Lee. So it seems more realistic to look for someone who has been to
USA or UK and done their JKD there like me.

Here's a rough sketch of my training plan.

*Footwork training like the mirror drill. A partner could help check
how smooth you are moving from left to right and front to back. Then
there's the burst step and shuffle step.

*Pad work. I have a pair of focus mitts for punching and kicking
training. The punches I do are the JKD straight lead, boxing jab,
cross, hook, upper cut and shovel hook. Kicks I know are lead hook,
front kick, side kick and muay thai round kick. We could do combo hits
on the pads and drills. For the stronger kicks like muay thai round
kick, I have a big kick shield.

*Hands trapping. That I definitely need a partner. Even if you have a
wooden dummy, it will never be as good as a live person.

Now I need to specify what I DO NOT want and what I am NOT.

*This is NOT a Bruce Lee fan club and I am NOT a source of gossips
about Bruce Lee or his students.

*I am just beginning my Jun Fan training and I am sure that's the path
I want to follow. Therefore, I am NOT interested in other stuff like
karate, san shou, silat etc...

*I am NOT doing concepts JKD.

*I am only just starting JKD and NOT a teacher. Therefore, I hope to
find someone who has already done some JKD. I am NOT qualified to
teach beginners how to do JKD.

Hope to hear good news soon. There's thousands of expats from USA, UK and Canada. There has got to be someone out here who has done some JKD at some point.


Postby Fan » Fri, 22 Apr 2005 6:17 am

Dunno about Jun Fan...but can give you directions to good Hor Fun.

Seriously, though dude.. you need to chill out. JKD is NOT the ultimate martial art as people claim. It might be the ultimate "ideal" for fit, young healthy people, but there are plenty of martial arts that you can learn from.

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