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Give up your career for family? Would you?

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Give up your career for family? Would you?

Postby Guest » Sun, 17 Apr 2005 10:43 pm

:) Can anyone give me an idea of how Singapore see "Stay at home mom"? I know many Singaporean women work even after they had kids because of the high std of living there...What are the society perception for those who give up their career temporarily for their kids and family? I am an US college educated Singaporean who plan stop working for 2-3 years to raise two kids in USA and I plan to return to Singapore to work later. I am worried about how company see you staying at home for 2- 3years? In USA, companies are quit okay with that and sometimes see it as a noble things for family. I occasionaly do part time/freelance to keep my skills sharp. :D

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