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Sg. a good place for an American to Retire??

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Sg. a good place for an American to Retire??

Post by joslin88 » Sat, 16 Apr 2005 9:07 pm

Is is possible for an older American to retire in Sg. How is health care? Older population - many, where? How are they treated? Is Sg. boring if you don't have kids, or do not drink? Live out in the suburbs o.k. - pretty, quiet. safe? To expensive to get into town for activities? Can an American live in government housing? Are there nice ones? Are they noisy and crowded? Thank you so much, I need the help first.

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Re: Sg. a good place for an American to Retire??

Post by Sonus » Sat, 16 Apr 2005 11:41 pm

joslin88 wrote:Is is possible for an older American to retire in Sg.

Why not, as long you can live with the hot & humid weather here and able to accept a new multi-racial environment.
joslin88 wrote:How is health care?
Health care is very good. Check out the intro below.
joslin88 wrote:Older population - many, where?
There is nowhere in particular unless you are talking about old folks home. There are a high number of elderly in Singapore.
joslin88 wrote:How are they treated?
Same as how you treat your parents.
joslin88 wrote:Is Sg. boring if you don't have kids, or do not drink?
I don't quite get it here, there are plenty of places here for you to drink and chat around. Boring?? Depends on your expectations.
joslin88 wrote:Live out in the suburbs o.k. - pretty, quiet. safe?
Our security is very good but do not over complacent.
joslin88 wrote:To expensive to get into town for activities?
There are lots of transportations to choose from.
joslin88 wrote:Can an American live in government housing?

Can when you get the PR(Benefits are limited) or Citizenship.
joslin88 wrote:Are there nice ones?

Please come and see for yourself. :)
joslin88 wrote:Are they noisy and crowded
Noisy only when there are quarrels in the family or kids playing. Most of the time quiet. No it is not crowded.


Post by $$$ » Mon, 18 Apr 2005 5:37 pm

Not sure if it's possible for anyone to retire in Singapore without loadsa ca$h.

It's possible to stretch your $ a lot more in Malaysia. Check out their Silver Hair or My Second Home programme in Malaysia.


Post by rosie » Mon, 18 Apr 2005 8:30 pm


I lived in Tucson for several years. I met many retired people living happily there. There was a great number of them sharing the same or similar living style, interests and social live. If you expect something like this here, it may not be the case except you are local.

From what I see, there are many old people (locals not foriegners). Most foriegners I met are young families with young children. It seems to me that those community activities for seniors are catering for locals. At least, I rarely see seniors who look like foriegners in such activities. Of course, what I don't see doesn't mean they do not exist. You may try to find out some more infomation from other sources.

Living condition/environment - Singapore is a nice place.
Living stardard/living cost - Here is not cheap comparing to US (like Tucson). Thai and malaysia are much cheaper, even Hongkong is cheaper (not including housing).
Medical care - good but not cheap except you are PR (permanent resident)
Security - very safe.
Activities for people not drink, no kid - yes (see below)
sights seeing - beautiful parks, theme gardens, zoo etc. but it won't spend you too much time to finish, Singapore is not big.
movies - nice theatres and nice audience, but you may not the same version like you do in US (coz the strict rules here including violent and sexual), and I don't see there is 2nd round movie theatre which provides cheaper choices like US
classes for leisure - except community activities, not cheap

No matter where you stay after your retirement, think about the whole thing carefully before you make any decision, especially, you are considering a place out of your country, far from your family and friends, not familiar culture, environment and people.

I'd a very good experience when I stayed in your country. I'd love to see you have a good experience in Asia too. BTW, I'm from Hongkong and living in Singapore for four years.

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