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Moving from Australia

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Moving from Australia

Post by guest-sk » Fri, 15 Apr 2005 7:49 am


I've read a number of posts here and see that there are very many helpful people, so I thought I would ask some questions.

First some background, I have been given the opportunity to move to Singapore for my job. I will be coming with my family - wife and two young kids (5 & 3 when we get there).


- The Australian International School - is it any good? Is there a waiting list & how long.
- How easy is it and how would my wife meet others in a similar situation to socialise with?
- Is there much for the kids to do outside of the condo infrastructure, e.g. museums, play groups, etc
- The kids will be a little too young to travel by bus to school, so would it be better to be within walking distance of the school?
- What can I expect to pay for a 4 bedroom condo?
- Utilitiess - what can I expect to pay for these in the above?
- Car leasing - what sort of car can I get for around S$2500 - 3000/mth, what about running costs...
- What would a live in maid cost?
- Is there a particular area where other Aussies congregate for housing and socialising?

I know there are a lot of questions, so thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.


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Car Leasing

Post by jivintan » Fri, 15 Apr 2005 12:41 pm

Hi SK,

with your budget, you can easily got yourself a 2.4 MPV like Honda Odyssey, Toyota Estima and end up with balances. The only other running costs are petrol, car park charges and ERP charges. Hopefully you do not end up with any traffic summons else this will be additional running costs. :lol:

Nice weekend.

Thanks and regards
Jivin Tan


Post by Guest » Mon, 18 Apr 2005 11:26 pm

Hopefully, the following can give you some ideas.

Australian Int'l School - beautiful environment and new facilities, nice people, not very close to the centre of the city, most students from Australia and New Zealand, check on their web and contact them (when I checked with them last year, no need to wait at all)
Meeting people - there are many foriegners in this country, not difficult to meet people through your kids' schools, clubs, place you stay (in condo)
Housing - apartments close to the centre are more expensive, check on relevant webs for property, the area of Australian Int'l School is called 'Ang Mo Kio' or 'Serangoon Gardens'
Places for kids - many in Singapore, beautiful parks, gardens, playgroups, zoo etc.
Do you mean a full-time domestic helper? If so, you can easily find one through agency (Philipino or Indonesian). Usually salary (for Phili) is S$350 +/- and govt tax S$340. I heard that salary (for Indon) is lower.

Sorry, don't know where the most Australian stay BUT don't be afraid of getting to know people from locals and other countries. Basically, people I met here (locals or other countries) are friendly and helpful.



Post by pevans » Tue, 19 Apr 2005 9:00 am

We've just moved from Perth in the last few months. We live at Pebble Bay condo on the east coast...Its full of Aussies and most of us seem to have kids in that exact age group...

The school bus system your talking about is probably not what your expecting...They are fully supervised by people that work at the school. It all looks more like a school outing rather than a public bus dropping your kids off. Our 3 yeard old will probably end up using the bus system later this year when he starts Eton House pre- school full time.

So don't limit yourself to living right near the Aussie School if thats where you want your kids to attend...Have a good look around..

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Moving from Australia

Post by Matney » Tue, 19 Apr 2005 10:36 am

We moved from the Sunshine Coast to Singapore in December. One child was accepted in AIS, other wasn't. Amazing after they had started at OFS, AIS suddenly had room for both children! AIS good facilities, new, lovely, but don't feel your children must stick with the Australian based education. OFS offers a IB program which is recognised all over the world and I think there are other schools which offer IB programs here as well. Both of my children (teens) have had no trouble adjusting to the change of school or curriculium.
Housing--you don't need to live near the school. I think you should look more into is the condo near public transport?
Utilites so far have averaged about $300-$400 a month for gas, electric, phone, but we don't make that many calls.
Can't answer about cars (why get one?) or a maid. I have a lady come once a week for about 4 hours at $50.
Your wife shouldn't have trouble meeting people with younger children. play groups, school, and the condo are a great place to start meeting people and I understand there is a ANZ organisation here as well. Plenty to do with the children: bird park and zoo are a good start. Science museum, there is alwasys something going on it seems.
I've probably left something out, but enjoy your stay, make the most of it, and you'll be amazed at what you learn while your here.

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