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Toni & Guy Academy course

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Toni & Guy Academy course

Postby Fedup » Fri, 15 Apr 2005 12:49 am

I am writing this feedback to warn any potential local or expat hairdressing students aiming for Toni&Guy Academy near Bugis Junction. As a former student, I graduated some time ago & thought that I finally have what all hairdressing wannabes could ever dream of - a recognised Toni&Guy certification. But I was terribly wrong!

I paid almost $14,000 for the whole damned course. It is supposed to be real professional certificate. However in Singapore industry, not many but in fact, very few of the "big boy" local salons are willing to take me in as a stylist. You have to settle down as a lowly shampoo assistant or assistant stylist. Your $14,000 is dumped into the drain! I would be more employable if I had enrolled for a much cheaper hairdressing course in Jean Yip or Kimage.

The course at Toni&Guy Academy is supposed to be presitigous, the quality of some of its trainers may not be. I wonder if the trainers are themselves properly trained in first place. A trainer is not just simply one who is knowledgeable & well-versed in the modules. He or she must really know how to teach & present what they want their listeners to perceive in the end.

I got the miscomfort of been taught by a junior trainer whose mouth is always filled with obscenities in his presentation. Very often, we got to see his moods rather than his messages.

Then occasionally, the academy simply rope in experienced stylists from their other salons to teach us. Experienced they may be in hairdressing but fare badly in presentation, speech delivery & oral teaching. A few times, we were briefed by a stand-in lady trainer from their Holland Village branch. Her voice is so soft that she appears to be mumbling to herself - a self reflection of no confidence to teach. Her words are so brief, no details that we are actually watching her keep combing, styling the model's hair without knowing really what she is trying to convey to us. Worse of all, her body keeps blocking our view! So in the end, she simply get her demo hastily done but we got our minds blank!

We, whether local or foreign students in any commerical academy - should be treated as VIP customers as we paid so much money for a educational service. We should be respected by any staff while of course, we still have the need to abide by regulations of any academy. However, quite a few of us are treated like shit! I can still recall how one of my fellow coursemates endure through the whole course's duration during which the academy's rude receptionist always look down on her & frequently raise her voice as if she is the school director. She ignored the fact that her salary actually come from our course fees. At the last day of our course, my this fellow coursemate walked up to the receptionist & told her off straight to her face. She also launched a formal complaint to the badly-managed administration.

It is going to take me one whole year to earn back my $14,000. And my Toni&Guy certificate is lying in my cabinet like a toilet paper. The academy should seriously review its infrastructure like establised institutions, setting its job prospect in clear terms after graduation. I simply don't see any prospect if the local industry do not really recognise this certification by Toni&Guy.



A certification is only a passport, not guarantee

Postby JBJ » Fri, 22 Apr 2005 8:04 pm

I share your disappointment but particularly in meritocractic Singapore, a certification is nevertheless just a entry passport, not a guarantee. I do agree though a sum of $14,000 is indeed too high for a hairdressing course. There are many other schools and in the end, it is the quality of the trainer or lecturer matters just like any other commerical schools. So what if the school is reputable but employs trainers with attitude problems or just knowledgeable if there is no critical element which is so essential in all trainers or teachers. The element - patience.

Average Joe

Professionalism cannot be brought

Postby Average Joe » Sun, 01 May 2005 1:00 pm

I spent close to $3000 at a local hairdressing school few years ago & started out as a shampoo boy. Now at a span of 5 years, I am a senior stylist in a reputable salon at Orchard. It is full customer support which makes me what I am today. I just want to share with you that job experience is vital. A certification is only a paper. And professionalism cannot be brought by $14,000 or by a piece of certification.

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Postby JanSpeed » Sat, 07 May 2005 9:12 pm

Can you guys share more about your expirences at schools? I'am going to pick up hairstyling soon and want to know more info...thanks..

Vidal stylist

Top Salons- Education

Postby Vidal stylist » Wed, 11 May 2005 2:52 am

First of all I just wanted to let all of you that are interested in the salon industry that it is common to do an appreticeship after "beauty school" training. The unfortunate part is that when you enrolled in school that the administration director did not let you know that. I will let you know that as an experienced senior stylist with Vidal Sassoon in San Fransisco that the training you receive in a salon far surpasses the education you get in school and will only set you up to be the best stylist that you can be. The benefit of going to a good school is that you have a little more training than someone who goes to a less expensive, less advanced school. However if you are willing to invest your money and time in the more advanced school it will only benefit you to finish the process. Nobody likes to be at the bottom of the todem pole and shampoo every client that walks through the door so often that your hands crack and bleed. However if it is a top salon with a training program in place, it is that experience that will set you apart and ahead. The important part is to make sure the salon training program is what you want. Things to look for are specific class schedule, anticipated time to graduate to the floor, and what the stylist that graduated from their program are producing. Good luck and don't give up it's worth it :D

Secondly, I am looking to relocate to Singapore for personal reasons and there is not a Vidal Sasson in Singapore. I was hoping to get some leads on the TOP salons in the area, please help. You can contact me at

Thank you for any help you can give, Alison

foolish joe

hairdressing in singapore

Postby foolish joe » Fri, 05 Aug 2005 1:02 am

I am very sad to find out one more unfortunate hairdressing students experience ,i do know there are incosiderate to take your money in return for such knowledge.

Emotional man

stay hungrey stay foolish

Postby Emotional man » Fri, 05 Aug 2005 1:47 am

:o :lol: Your emotional state i do understand , having spent such a large
amount of money and feel worthless during the state to look for employmentship. We always have dreams and goals in our life, but some time it may take a longer time to relise it. It take 10 years or more to be a good all rounded hairdressers, not giving out all the time while mastering the necessary skill and the same time understand not only the concerpt taught to you by the school , but also keep and open mind and concept of the other alternative thinking in hairdressing knowledges in this world by other schools.Many hairdressers struggled in different state in their *hair*dressing careers. you will be surprize that some company will try all mean to stop your progress in the refine state of hairdressing search, they fear your knowledges will make thier progress hard to make money out of you and the public.Some bussiness minded hairdressers join the training industry to take advantage of the innocent students greenhorn state , con them and manupilate them and the same time try to use the time in the school to improve thier own hairressing skill at the expends of the students , models , the school mangement, colledges ect.You must not let this mishape stop or slow you down ,if you really love to be a professional hairdressers, seek and you will some day found the right salon or school or some one who be able to teach and nature you to be the hairdresser you always want to be. 'Branded ' salons or schools will always try to sell themselves, is up to you skill to try to pick and chose the 'right' choice, yup the sad things it will takes you years to really know you have make or meet the 'right' choice in the hairdressing career. I caution you to beware of hairdressers who often sell themself of their hairdressing skills or experience, they are taking you for the 'ride' to the toilets. Human being nature are mostly selfish ,for to my knowledges the really good hairdressers, salons ,instructors mostly state in low profile, only the smart and tastful few knows where and who they are for we always keep the good things in life for ourselves. Seekers and buyers beware you can only knows the different if you have the experience and kowledges to help you to tell the different, some peoples are con untill the day they die and not know the real truth. Wish you good luck in your quest for these trade in hairdressing you will be very dissapointed to stay on longer to find that the public and you are all in the same boat looking for the result of having a good hairdressing experiences :twisted: :shock: :P :lol: :wink: May the force be with you and it can only be one heeheeee

Practical Angelina

The path to be a professional hairdressers

Postby Practical Angelina » Sun, 07 Aug 2005 12:49 am

hi! dear
i have read your condition and sympathise with the outcome that do not meet your requirment. I do need to stress the path to become a good stylist need to begin from the bottom as you dislike, no experience can be bought in exchange for time or money spend. Attending a professional course help you see the profession as in a more total and concise manner, not able to cover all aspect in just 10 to 12 months course no matters how 'branded' the school are.If you think you spend $14000 for that course will land you on a stylist position in the"big boys" salons i would not paid premiun to be cut by you for that short amount of time of "gain" experience you have consolidated in school. Is just like going for a open heart surgery in hospital serve by a "fresh", " young ","new" doctor
just finish his schools , if i only want to go to "Heaven" on the highway and if you think asking above $1500 per month to be in that position will enable you to retrive your capitol investments within a year and start to make profit the coming next years, you sure must have "ace" in your math in school but not in this real world.School should be responsible for the progress in the students and the staffs in the company must behave like an empolyee which is expandable and do not own the school but at this moment hire by this periode of time by the "real " boss who only use you as long you serve the benefit of the company so get "real" and wait up .I suggest that their paid should be commission base with no basic as no sale equal to no salary most fare to the company and also to the more hard working stylist only should be paid well above market rate with 12 months bonuses , if the instructors that get complain by the students ,the company soon that this oppertunity to deduct their salary , how that for getting "even" dont get "mad".Money must be made with the righ concept, paid peanut you will get monkey working for you or teach you in your case you have been " ripe off " not "rip it" as in MP3 I suggest you go to the Strait time to " voice up" to help and prevent more inoccent people like you getting hurts, some may not be able to earn $14000 in a year like you, some may have use their poor parents saving to have a "goal" in their life to have better future, wost case some may even end up "killing" themselves by who know what way.You know you can give justice and get justice only you put it in the papers, if they refuse to print ,then you put it as a advertisment process and paid a litter bit more to prevent and help other from getting rip off.$14000 for one student , in a class of 10 equal to $140000 sum up for one full years equal to $1680000 thats alot of money they made, that why they can advertise and create a brand and become the "big boy" in town , thank's to all the"sheep" in pursue for the "professional quest" , my last words for you " branded" said by the market or by people been paid to said or by the "wise public" or by the "wanabe wise Public".Takecare and becareful who you trust .

love Angelina . NYC

Puzzel angel

33 Tan Quee Lan Street

Postby Puzzel angel » Mon, 08 Aug 2005 2:31 am

Correct me please, 33 Tan Quee Lan Street is that a foods district my school friends said so , don't know there a school there i can cut my hair cheap and good :lol:

Are they that bad?
Students looking for good and cheap hair cut


Postby Guest » Mon, 08 Aug 2005 11:30 am

I would have to agree with Alison from Vidal Sasson in San Fransisco, the training you receive in house whilst an apprentice far surpasses any beauty school training. What all young hopefulls must realise is that you must have passion, patience and be willing to learn as its a job that no matter how long you have been doing it for or how good you think you are there is always more to learn.
In most of the western world you have to complete a 4 year apprenticeship in a salon before they deem you qualified, this means starting from scratch at the bottom but how long you stay there will be up to you as each person and there learning skills are different.
Just because you have a certificate stating you have completed an 8 mth course at Toni & Guy does not qualify you as a hairdresser- remember no salon owner is going to risk his or her reputation, clients and business on a hairdresser with out ensuring that persons standards are up to their expectations or the salons.
If anything your certificate will mean you have a head start on those who havent done any kind of course thus the employer doesnt need to drill into you the basics - and depending on how fast and well you learn may mean you get to be on the floor quicker - but that will all depend on your attitude and ability to learn.
It is far better to be in a salon learning as this will give you a taste of all aspects of the craft from the mundane to the truely creative and exciting as most hairdressers will tell you its not all glamour and filmstars :shock:
Plus you will also have the stability of a job, ability to grow a clientel, availability of trainers to learn from.

It is also great to go and learn from others in the industry as well ( no matter what salon they are from) it gives you a better understanding of the art form and allows you to explore and create your own unique style, as hairdressers we all have something to give - it is those of us who chose to embrace that of others that become truely great workers of the craft. :wink:


Postby TONI&GUY ACADEMY » Thu, 18 Aug 2005 3:46 pm

We refer to the message by ‘Fedup’ that was posted in the Singapore Expats Forum on 15 April 2005.

TONI&GUY ACADEMY strives to deliver the highly acclaimed standards from training content, technical expertise and student support services.

We would like to thank you for the comments. We value and encourage all forms of feedback, regardless of whether it is from our internal or external clients / students. We regret that your grievances were not brought to our immediate attention while you were a student at the Academy.

We treat our student’s grievances as vital feedback to us. Therefore with our Grievance & Complaint Management Procedures in place, we endeavor to handle and resolve these issues amicably.

TONI&GUY ACADEMY accredited by CaseTrust for Education upholds high quality of student welfare practices. We are committed to provide both our local and international students clear fee policies, well defined redress practices and systems, commitment of training quality and well trained personnel.

The success of TONI&GUY with over four decades of experience in the hairdressing industry is based on a total commitment to continuous education and training, simple values that we uphold till date.

The team of Trainers at the Academy has all undergone a comprehensive ‘Train-The-Trainer’ programme and their performance are carefully evaluated by the board of Educational Directors prior to their assignment at the Academy to conduct training. It is also a standing requirement that Trainers are National Skills Recognition System (NSRS) Assessor Certified. Internally, Trainers are posted to London to further advance their teaching skills and ability. We believe in emulating the successful educational formula applied in all TONI&GUY academies worldwide.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking time and effort in expressing your views.

Yours Sincerely,
Corporate Communications

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hair sorrow

Postby Mullet_stylist » Sun, 11 Dec 2005 9:03 pm

hi fed i had heard all ur sorrow moan,hmm for ur experience is really pretty sorrow,first of all i will let u know in singapore u dont need toni&guy cert to find a job in hairdressing,this is onli juz guide line i mean ,u muz be confidence and skillful if u really have the skill of hairdressing.what u going to do is ur convincing power and ur styling what i am going to tell u when u go for an interview u dont need to tell ppl u are from toni&guy juz let them know u can them ur cutting and styling skill and in singapore there is onli limited person go to toni & guy coz they are more professional on caucasian hair.coz they have different texture as us .pm me

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Postby es0teric » Wed, 15 Feb 2006 11:49 pm

Woah. Didn't know there's some management from Toni&Guy reply. So what are you doing? Did you actually go for interview? $14000 is really hell lot compare to Kimage, Jean Yip and Reds.

Well, though trainer were send to London for training. Is it because of this that the fees are $14k? Which means that student are paying for the trainer to london to learn advance styling. If not, I would really know why is the school fees this high compare to others hair salon.

To me, $14k is really alot. Unless we can receive some prove that it's really worth every cents.

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Bad Hair Days

Postby morphic » Mon, 02 Jan 2012 6:54 pm

The quality of hair stylists in Singapore is really very poor. I am sick and tired ot hair stylists who can't understand what is asked of them, who can't communicate, who have limited skills and who have zero imagination. Why even call yhourselves stylists if you have no ability to make suggestions or know what looks good on a particuliar person? if you have to be instructed almost hair by hair on what to do then you need to ask yourselves some questions.

I think the next time I get my hair cut I will try Toni and Guys. Whether or not they charge too much for the styling course, their reputation is good and they have exposure to the culture of London and New York etc where the abilities of stylists is far higher than in Singapore.

Getting a hair cut in Singapore reminds me of taking a taxi here, you have to instruct the taxi driver precisely which roads to take, not just the destination. And if you don't give detailed instructions then who knows what the outcome will be.

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