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International Baccalaureate - IBDP

Post by NYY1 » Wed, 02 Nov 2022 9:51 pm

The text below is copied over from another thread. Interested to hear more thoughts from others.

People have different expectations as to what education should be and some favour the A Level over IB and vice versa (or more generally, Asian vs. Western schooling styles). Pedagogy or exam weightings aside, completing any educational track is not only about what you learn but also what the certificate allows you to do for admissions to the next level.

On this end, arguably, IB does not rate poorly at all [both the cut-off point to qualify for certain universities (Cambridge/Oxford, US unis) or local courses and the relative grading requirements].

That being said, I don't think IB is everything or always above other options; there are many very average IB schools out there.


NYY1 wrote:
Wed, 02 Nov 2022 2:17 pm
PNGMK wrote:
Wed, 02 Nov 2022 11:13 am
I am not a fan of IB. (My wife is a high school teacher in an International School - she's basically said IB is for softcocks).
PNGMK wrote:
Wed, 02 Nov 2022 1:37 pm
Yes O level is a surprisingly well recognized cert. IB sucks. Just saying it again.
I got your message :D .

I prefer the A Level but I think it (IB) has as much to do with the school (resources, culture, etc) and student intake as the curriculum itself? Over the years, the A Level and IP A Level track has kind of morphed into a lot of what IB tries to develop. I'll give the A Level an edge on the math and science side but it depends on what the school offers for the HL/SL splits and the other capabilities.

Said another way, I think the kids coming out of ACS(I) from MGS/ACS(I) (or JAE/O Level intake) are on par with the A Level kids (IP or JAE/O Level) from the traditional JCs here.

Of course, ACS(I) is not your typical IB school. Many other IB schools will be accommodating to a wider range of students, both on academic ability and academic objectives.

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