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Alternative Documents fro LTVP

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Alternative Documents fro LTVP

Post by Kittymommy » Sat, 29 Oct 2022 9:14 pm

Hello Everyone,

I have search through the forum but cannot seem to find a situation similar to mine. In the meantime, I have also tried emailing and calling ICA to no avail. Hence I am writing a new post.

SC, me: 45F & NR, spouse: 46M have been married for 15 years come Nov ‘22 and known each other for 17 years. Our marriage is registered in Canada. Since 2008, we have lived and worked in Vancouver, Canada. We both currently hold jobs with fairly good monthly compensation; me: 11K CAD, spouse: 5.5K CAD.

Recently, we want to move back to SG to spend more time with family. We have applied to PMLA 1.5 weeks ago and are waiting for results. ICA officer told us LTVP processing time is close to 5-6 months and advised us to seek EP/SP for spouse. We are currently actively seeking employment in SG.

To cover all our bases, I am trying to find out what alternative documents ICA may request in our LTVP application.

Hence, I do not have Income Tax Notice of Assessment for the past three years, and Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions for the past 12 months. Am I able to provide alternative documents like:
- Canadian Income Tax Notice of Assessment,
- Proof of funds in Canada to show financial solvency from my Canadian financial institution
- Proof of funds in Singapore to show financial solvency through prior savings before moving to Canada from my Singapore financial institution
- Letter of employment with my current Canadian employer, stating date of commencement, designation and bi-weekly salary (per Canadian employment custom)
- Payslips for the past 6 months
- Offer letters from new Singapore employer for my spouse and I

Thank you for reading this lengthy post. I appreciate any insights this community has.

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Re: Alternative Documents fro LTVP

Post by MOCHS » Sun, 30 Oct 2022 8:41 am

How long ago did you all get married? PMLA is applied before marriage. Then when you get married, the PMLA helps to shortens the LTVP processing time to 6 weeks.

However, there have been members with PMLA reporting that the processing time took 3 months earlier this year. Not sure how long it is now.

Without PMLA, the LTVP can take up to 6 months.

ICA will only look at local employment & payslip, you can forget about all your Canadian documents.

You as the sponsor can first give ICA your letter of employment from your new employer in SG. You move to SG & be physically present for your new job. Then when you start working, give ICA your first month’s payslip.

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