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Request for advice on SC timeline and chances

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Request for advice on SC timeline and chances

Post by Tryingtoadult » Wed, 12 Oct 2022 1:51 am

Hello! My application is reaching the 12 months mark and I’ve been checking every Saturday but it’s getting quite sian seeing “pending” every-time so hoping to get some advice.

Age: 23 (as of 2022)
Gender: female
Race: Burmese
Citizenship: PR (13 years, since 2009)
Marital status: Single

Highest education: Going to graduate from NTU with my bachelors in December. Went through sg system from psle to uni.

Employment sector: Tech

Salary: $8k/ month + 4 months bonus

Family background:
Our family (mom, dad, my brother and I) came to Singapore in 2009 when my dad received PR for the whole family after working here for a few years.
Dad - 62 Burmese works in IT
Mom - 54 Burmese works in finance
Brother - 27 works in finance

My brother and I applied for our citizenship around the same time in Oct 2021 but he received his IPA in about four months. His income was around $3000 a month but he did national service so I think the government looked favourably on that.

My mom and dad also applied around the same time but they were rejected in six months probably due to two reasons:
1. With the military coup in Myanmar there’s probably a lots of Burmese applicants now
2. They’re quite old so Singapore might not see much “value” to the country by giving them citizenship

Early oct after I got two months of paycheck I uploaded additional documents of my employment letter and payslips. Also emailed ICA and they called me to request for one more documentation (CPF contributions) and emailed to confirm they received it. They didn’t request for any additional information so I guess they’re not being super strict about the 6months payslip? Or still processing my application as a uni undergrad? If my application is still pending in 4 months I’ll upload all 6 payslips together + my uni graduation proof and email ICA again.

(1) What’s my chances of getting citizenship this time round? Low? High? Depends?
(2) Should I expect waiting time to be around 14-20 months? Or longer or shorter?
(3) Is there anything else I could do besides marry a Singaporean and have
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Re: Request for advice on SC timeline and chances

Post by MOCHS » Wed, 12 Oct 2022 7:07 am

How long is a piece of string? There are people who wait over 2 years for an outcome. ICA will process your application when they get to it. Emailing them will just show you are impatient and can have a negative effect on your application. Just check the application status once a month, it’ll be less stressful that way.

Your brother can eventually sponsor your parents citizenship as “aged parents of a Singaporean”.

You’ll probably get it in the future but right now, you applied for SC a bit too quickly. Your chances are a bit low due to racial quota and that you only started working. If rejected, reapply after 2 years with improvements to your profile.

I’m not familiar with SC applications but can it be applied as an entire family or individually? It would have been better if the entire family applied together.

3 business days to reply emails seem to be a myth. I wrote into the ICA PR email for my husband’s PR application, only got a reply 2 weeks later.

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Re: Request for advice on SC timeline and chances

Post by NYY1 » Wed, 12 Oct 2022 9:03 am

SC family application can only be done for kids under the age of 21, after that they are on their own.

I don't think the above application was too early; duration of PR and completing a national exam makes one eligible as well (not sure if the application was under eligibility #1 or #4 though).

Good luck to Tryingtoadult!

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Re: Request for advice on SC timeline and chances

Post by NYY1 » Wed, 12 Oct 2022 9:26 am

Someone also mentioned before that the 21-30 year old age group has the lowest % of new SCs.
20 yrs old and below = 35.9%
21-30 yrs old = 15.2%
31-40 yrs old = 25.9%
> 40 yrs old = 23.0%

Don't know for sure but my guess is that this age group often does not have kids. On balance, a family unit with kid(s) may have an easier time? Obviously, some singles will get through (like the applicant's brother), but for this age group they still have time to see if you marry, reproduce, etc.

As for the "Aged parent of SC," does anyone know how likely these are to be approved? Got to imagine some of the same issues mentioned above exist.

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