Help pleassee, just need some info

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Help pleassee, just need some info

Post by Lyn » Wed, 06 Apr 2005 6:42 pm

Some time ago i came across an article in the papers about some people who set up a voluntary organisation which helps people in debt to sort out their finances. Ive been searching for info on them on the net, but nothing.. does anyone know what this organisation is called?

I am up to my doodoos in debt having been unemployed for more than 2 years although i have done everything possible to get a job (being in 40s does not help). Ive had intermittent employment which just helped me to live day to day but now banks are hassling me again. Ive tried to explain to them that if i was working, i surely would keep up with my payments!

I need to sit with someone and work out all my finances, budget etc.

Does anyone know the name and details of this organisation?

Im also being hassled by the bank to pay 700 first before my instalment plan starts. Ive started asking friends but it seems no one has S$1k to spare. Im not asking for a handout, just a loan. Thats why i am determined to sit with the credit counsellors to work out my payments to all my creditors.

I will look for weekend work as well. Right now i need to see this organisation to work out my bills. Or is there anyone there who is very good at doing budgeting ?
Its so humiliating to ask a friend to lend you money because money is such a sensitive topic in relationships.
I feel so overwhelmed and upset right now after that call from the bank!!

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Post by tingshen » Mon, 11 Apr 2005 3:05 am

it's called Credit Counsil Singapore

Please register for their talks ASAP and they would help you to understand the whole pictures about debts that could lead to bankcrupcy.

I attended their talks and find it meaningful. I thought I know a lot of things but after their simple talks, I started to realised I mislook a lot of things while managing my finance.

Most of the people, in fact, I would say, majority up to 99% of the people going there are deeply desperate people who are in heavy debts. They will not help you to find a job but will try to help you negotiating with your creditors to losen the payment term.

If you seriously need a job, please email me your resume at and I would try to help. However, no guaranttee.

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