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pet quarantine?

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pet quarantine?

Post by tokyomom » Wed, 06 Apr 2005 5:09 pm

We have a cat and I understand that she will have to stay in quarantine for 30 days when we move to Singapore. She was in quarantine for 2 weeks in Japan and did fine. However, we paid more for a larger cage and the animal quarantine staff here is known to take very good care of your pets.
My cat also has Chronic Inflammitory Bowel Disease and must have medication 2 times a day. Her vet is concerned about her stress level for 30 days. Has anyone had any experience with the quarantine, and possibly with a pet who had to have regular medication?
I was wondering how the care is here. Also, if it helps or makes it worse to visit them several times per week? Or, does Singapore have "home quarantine" if requested by a vet (they do in Japan) that you can get with special permission?
I would love to hear any personal experiences!
Laura Lyn

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Post by Yutenji » Thu, 07 Apr 2005 7:00 pm

We returned to Singapore last year from Japan with our dog, who was ill (old-age related).
Singapore does have home quarantine, though surprise-surprise it's not widely known. We were able to get home quarantine for him, but it was a major struggle with the authorities. I suspect we only succeeded because (a) I was already in Singapore before the dog arrived and therefore could 'lobby' the authorities locally, (b) we had a very cooperative vet in Japan who wrote a strongly worded letter describing the dog's condition, (c) I'd already lived in Singapore prior to moving to Japan and therefore knew to a reasonable degree what I could and could not get away with in dealing with the local authorities.
Honestly, I'd say that unless your cats illness is genuinely life threatening, just go for the normal quarantine. The first time we brought our dog into Singapore (last year was the second time!), he was in normal quarantine. Our experience was very positive; they take good care of the animals, and have regular visits by the vet. They are more than capable of administering medicine on whatever schedule is required. The only negative was that the new experience of dramatic Singapore thunderstorms scared him and of course we weren't around to provide reassurance.
You 'can' visit everyday, and we did. Whether that increases or decreases the stress I honestly can't say. I also wonder if it's more for the benefit of the owner than the animal!!
You can Private Message me to provide an email address if you want to discuss this off-line.
Good luck

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