LTVP Chances in 2022 for SC sponsoring NR

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LTVP Chances in 2022 for SC sponsoring NR

Post by Malaysian » Thu, 15 Sep 2022 12:24 am

Hello everyone, I'm enquiring about the chances of getting my ICA LTVP approved. I'm a Non-resident/foreigner and my spouse-to-be is Singaporean Citizen (SC).
Our Solemnization is end of this year and we will be applying for LTVP immediately after.

About myself (NR)
1. Age: 30
2. Race: Indian
3. Nationality: Malaysian
4. Highest education: UK Uni - Bachelors degree in tech
5. Income: MYR 12000 or about SGD 3.7k per month, have been working in Malaysia for about 7 years in tech (private)
6. Status: LLE holder (got my PMLA approved recently)

About my spouse-to-be (Singaporean)
1. Age: 27
2. Race: Indian
3. Highest education: Australian Uni - Bachelors degree in business
4. Income: SGD 4.5k per month and have been working full time in Singapore for slightly over 3 years
5. Living arrangement: Lives with parents in a fully paid for 4-bedroom HDB flat (I'm not sure if this is even important for ICA but I've seen it being mentioned in several other posts in this forum)

The catch is, I will be in between jobs during the LTVP application as my employer does not permit remote work. I intend to live with my soon-to-be spouse in Singapore as we've been apart for the most of our 6+ year relationship and we would like to start a family soon. We will then be renting our own place once I secure a job in SG.

The forum has been great, appreciate if anyone could provide their personal inputs/thoughts.

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Re: LTVP Chances in 2022 for SC sponsoring NR

Post by MOCHS » Thu, 15 Sep 2022 7:46 am

Should have no problems at all. If you have PMLA approved, then high chance the LTVP will be approved. ICA will not care if you are unemployed as long as your spouse is still working and able to support/sponsor you financially.

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Re: LTVP Chances in 2022 for SC sponsoring NR

Post by nelyanne » Thu, 15 Sep 2022 10:48 am

As MOCHS said, a very high chance.

But do keep in mind that the waiting time for LTVP is super long this year. You might consider securing your own visa first (if it's realistic for your industry and experience).

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