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EP152 - only main applicant?

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EP152 - only main applicant?

Post by nomadinsg » Fri, 09 Sep 2022 3:33 pm


PR formalities - some Q&As
Just experienced completing PR formalities and thought these FAQs might be useful for someone preparing to do the same. Context - I applied through the PTSW route as the main applicant, together with my spouse and child.

1. Can I get soft copies of the forms that are sent in the post e.g. EP152?
NO - I looked online and there are some forms scanned by other users I guess, but there's no official place to get all those forms that I could find.

2. Does my spouse also need to get their employer to fill in the EP152?
No, just the main applicant.

3. If your spouse job has changed but you've got the approval, will that affect the approval?
I called ICA to ask about this, and their answer is that the application would be reassessed because of the changes. I was concerned actually because my spouse's salary is lower now than it was in the original application, and was expecting to hand in the docs and then have to wait X days to get a final approval. In reality when we did the formalities and I handed over the new employment letter and payslip, the officer just had a quick look at it and that was that. We got our new IC numbers, entry permits, re-entry permits immediately.

4. What documents does ICA keep?
The original letters from employers and pay slips (both main applicant and spouse). Not the previous employer testimonials.

Hope that helps!


Hi all,

Have a question about the EP152 form - does this need to be filled in by everyone in the application or just the main applicant? I seem to have only 1 form in my envelope packet, whereas there are 2 people on EPs in our application.


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