Undecided for Relocating to Singapore

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Undecided for Relocating to Singapore

Post by kanehk » Sat, 02 Jul 2022 10:39 pm

Hi all,

I have been offered a chance to relocate to Singapore from Hong Kong in my company. While the opportunity may seem tempting but if my family is going to stay in SG for several years to develop my career there, I am thinking whether it is viable to really settle in SG and call it a home.

I have read the forum's Pinned posts to get to know the PR application process, and in particular noticed the Age limit of < 50; and the minimal shoe-in of 2 years of SG tax assessments before considering an application. I am currently 45, so that would put me at 47 by then.

Presumably, the profile in 2 years would be:

Job: Banking Director
Age: 47, married with no kids
Gender: Male
Nationality: Hong Kong
Race: Chinese
Length of stay in Singapore: 2 years
Working in Singapore: 2 years
Annual salary: S$200,000 (EP P1)
Qualifications: Master Degree and Bachelor Degree from University of Hong Kong

What would be the probability of getting a PR with the above profile? If the chance is really slim I may decide not taking the relocation offer. Would deeply appreciate any thoughts or feedback.

Thank you very much!


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Re: Undecided for Relocating to Singapore

Post by nelyanne » Tue, 05 Jul 2022 10:26 am

In the past, we were rarely getting such questions from Hong Kongers on this forum. Now, with more people migrating from HK to SG, the past data might no longer be relevant (more people competing for the same amount of PR slots).

What will work against you in the PR application:
- Not having kids at this age
- High salary (The thinking behind it: well-paid, competent people can easily migrate elsewhere to catch a better option. In your case, what would stop you from moving to UK?)

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