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DP Application for the Work Pass Holder Dependent (Company Sponsorship)

Posted: Thu, 23 Jun 2022 2:37 pm
by Nitsuj18
I would like to ask if anyone here was able to get DP approved of their dependents even though your salary is below 6K. I know some of my friend of friends who get DP even though their salary is below 6K. Just this few weeks ago, my HR applied DP for my wife and got rejected. The HR didn't use the form12 to submit the application, instead she used the online form to submit thru EPOnline. My friend son was given DP even though his salary is below 6K too and he works in a local company and they used to fill the form 12 and submitted by their HR and got DP approved. Any idea how company sponsorship works. Does it overrule the minimum salary requirement.