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Trying for PR again!

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Trying for PR again!

Post by bonvoy888 » Thu, 05 May 2022 9:38 am

Hi guys,

I've followed here for a while, and (embarrassingly) previously engaged one of the local PR agencies to help me apply, so have read a lot on the topic.

I was previously rejected twice, most recently in 2020. I was applying as a single guy, but now am married and have a baby daughter, so considering giving it another go. Details as follows:

Applicant (me):
Age: 33
Nationality: British (caucasian)
Education: BSc from top 10 UK uni
Length in SG: 10 years
Work: Fund manager for local asset management company (same company for 10 years)
Pass: EP
Salary: $130k + bonus $100-150k

Spouse (married in SG in 2020):
Age: 34
Nationality: British (caucasian)
Education: BAcc from UK uni
Length in SG: 8 years

Child: 4 months old, born in SG, girl.

I have been contributing to SG Cancer Society for several years, monthly GIRO. I have also incorporated a company here doing sports clothing (minimal revenue and no employees so far, except a PR director running it - relatively new venture) and also invested in a Singapore business doing hospitality (was good revenue pre-covid!).

Is it worth another shot? Anecdotally, several friends have gained PR recently post rejections a few years ago - all being caucasian families. I wonder if this is to replace those lost in the covid exodus?


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Re: Trying for PR again!

Post by PNGMK » Thu, 05 May 2022 10:44 am

I think there has been a drop in PR applicants for the 'other' bucket so I'd say try again. I too have seen anecdotal evidence that Caucasians are getting PR more than before. There is also a much mooted move away from strict categorisation on the basis of race for EP's and that may be flowing through to PRs.
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