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Seeking advice on future plans for LTVP>PR

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Seeking advice on future plans for LTVP>PR

Post by Kupok » Tue, 29 Mar 2022 4:11 pm

Hello forum mates,

I would like to seek your advice on my future plans for settling down in Singapore as I’m going to register marriage with my fiancé in July this year. Our profiles are below:

Myself(foreigner male)
Age: just turned 35
Race: Caucasian(European)
Education: Bachelor and Master Degrees
Stay in SG: this is my 10th year working on EP
Industry: education, have been HOD for the past 6 years with plenty of achievements/contributions in my sector.
Salary: 90K per annum

My fiancé(Singapore PR)
Age: 31
Race: Malaysian Chinese
Education: Bachelor Degree
Stay in SG: close to 7 years, she’s been PR for 3 years
She’s been self employed for 1 year plus, opened her company recently
Salary: around 90K per annum

My fiancé applied for citizenship around August 2021, our ROM is in July this year. We definitely want to settle down in Singapore, get a house and have kids. I know that the easiest way will be if she gets the citizenship, then we can perhaps get a resale HDB flat, our future kids can be Singapore citizens, which we don’t mind.

I’ve applied for PR right before Circuit breaker in Feb 2020 and unfortunately I was rejected after 1,5 years. So, I have a lot of scenarios in my mind, but I’m not sure which one is the best option:
1. Apply again for PR on my own merits again or wait for some time after we’re married and apply under sponsorship?
2. Should I go for LTVP after we register marriage or should wait for sometime? My EP is until July 2024 and going on LTVP plus LOC won’t affect my work benefits.
3. Will our ROM have any negative effect on her citizenship application as I’m foreigner? She will have to update ICA about our marriage and I believe the outcome won’t be out before that update as she applied in Aug last year.

Appreciate your advice on the above!

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Re: Seeking advice on future plans for LTVP>PR

Post by MOCHS » Tue, 29 Mar 2022 6:07 pm

1. You’ll have to see what is the results of her pending citizenship request.

Regardless of the outcome of her citizenship, recommended to wait 2 years after marriage before applying by PR to show the marriage is stable. It’s always better to apply via family ties.

2. See if your EP is renewed or not. If not renewed, then apply for LTVP. Keep the EP for now.

3. IMO, race/nationality of foreigner spouse is bit of a grey area as it depends on where the spouse is from. Would help if you mentioned which part of Europe you’re from though.

However, marriage implies one is keen to settle down and have kids and SG needs more babies so that’s generally favourable. The only concern is that maybe ICA thinks she might uproot to your home country instead ‘cos Asian culture is a bit patriarchal where the woman follows the man. Of course that’s not the case nowadays as I’m a local married a Caucasian American and ICA gave my husband a 2 year LTVP so there’s that.

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Re: Seeking advice on future plans for LTVP>PR

Post by Kupok » Tue, 29 Mar 2022 10:20 pm

Thanks for your inputs MOCHS!

Forgot to mention, I’m Eastern European, maybe that’s a down side, but at least part of European Union.

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