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Facial Bony Enhancement Plastic Surgery( JAW, CHEEKS, CHIN )

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Facial Bony Enhancement Plastic Surgery( JAW, CHEEKS, CHIN )

Postby Andrw » Sat, 02 Apr 2005 2:06 pm

Is there anyone know about the plastic surgeon who have many experience in singapore or thailand area?or anyone has many experience with face implant?

especially for Jaw implant ones, coz i had a very narrow lower face kind of an upside triangle face. And i had no jaw width whatsoever. I'd many research on the net and met some surgeons, and I think the implants will give it symetry and balance of my face.I have always had a sort of chubby non defined face.i want to get a toned and chisseled face.

Anyone knows bout the implant material usually used, such as silicone implantech, Med-por ( Porex ), or else??
Any kind of infromation would be very appreciated it!

Thank you,


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