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Can I get my deposit back as an occupant in the case of early ending of my lese

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Can I get my deposit back as an occupant in the case of early ending of my lese

Post by Alicia2938 » Thu, 06 Jan 2022 2:34 pm

Hope everyone reading this to have a lovely new year.

Just for a brief background of the story,

I signed on a 2 year lease together with 2 other friends and so far we are 6 months left to terminate the contract. I signed the contract as an occupant together with a person X, and person Y as a tenant.

During the 1.5 years of staying it was agonising for me and everyone since we had so many disputes due to the personality issues and I was told from them to leave the house.

Genuinely tired of this issue (I had to go to a therapy for this), I am trying to find a way out from this house and find a new place to start anew. I had couple of my other Singaporean friends who told me that I am not abided by the house contract as an occupant and since I am not the one who declared that I will be moving out, I can legitimately ask for my 2 months deposit back.

But due to the unsettling situation with the other two people in my house, person X and Y, I am not so confident that they will happily give me back my deposit as I am leaving before the end date.

I am curious about what proper lines as an occupant can I tell them to claim my rights properly and not to be too emotionally draining about the dramas. Or else, do you think that I can approach to my landlord/agent to request to send me back the separate amount of deposit after the end of the lease?

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Re: Can I get my deposit back as an occupant in the case of early ending of my lese

Post by abbby » Sat, 08 Jan 2022 12:06 pm

I believe the 2 months deposit is held by the landlord at this point of time and will be held till the end of the lease and owner will also check for any damages done to the unit to assess how much deposit to return to the tenant. I might say that your friend is unlikely to return you any deposit at this point of time since he has not gotten any back...(still in the midst of the lease), If you want to back early, you might like to discuss it with them to see if they could return it early..but I highly doubt.
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Re: Can I get my deposit back as an occupant in the case of early ending of my lese

Post by PNGMK » Sat, 08 Jan 2022 3:27 pm

hang on for 6 months or accept you have lost the deposit
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