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Should I reapply for Citizenship or just let it be

Relocating, travelling or planning to make Singapore home? Discuss the criterias, passes or visa that is required.
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Re: Should I reapply for Citizenship or just let it be

Post by malcontent » Wed, 24 Aug 2022 12:38 pm

Congratulations saber13. Sadly, I’m sure there are many other cases like yours out there. I do find it a bit disingenuous to hand out PR without some reasonable assurance of future citizenship, especially after giving your son up for NS. If PR is not a just a long-term EP and is really intended for sinking roots or a pathway to citizenship, then PR should be handed out more judiciously — it’s easy to blame it on the limited space here, but more care could be taken not to mislead people or waste their time.

This is yet another reason why I think something in between EP and PR is needed. Something like PEP but longer-term, renewable and requiring mandatory employee and employer contributions to SRS at the same level as CPF. They should also be eligible for the lower ASEAN school fees. This would give longer-term residents who are not citizen material more of a fair shake, and they can still try for PR from there if they wish.
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