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MOE Approval for kids returning to Sg

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MOE Approval for kids returning to Sg

Post by BhavikBhatt » Sat, 13 Nov 2021 1:13 am

Any Indians with young kids (5-10 years) holding a student pass, applied to MOE for return to Singapore recently?

Did you get the approval?

(Especially if studying in an International School, since they seem to lower on the priority - see below)

The ICA press release mentions that any such returning kids must obtain MOE's permission before returning to Singapore and the application must be submitted through their school. Not sure if the rule has changed recently.

Copying the relevant para from the ICA press release (dated 22nd July) below. Could not find any announcement dated after this one.

ICA: "All existing STP holders, and those who have been granted IPA for STP, who are planning to enter or return to Singapore must obtain MOE’s permission before they commence their journey to Singapore. MOE will take into consideration the course in which the student is enrolled, and prioritise entry approval for those studying in publicly-funded Institutes of Higher Learning. STP holders, and those who have been granted IPA for STP, should submit their application to their respective educational institution, which will then forward their application to MOE." ... ss-holders

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