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yakk...............................................ugly :lol:


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:oops: he's so COOL !!!!! :oops:


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He has a miserable looking face :!: Why does he look so angry :?: What is his problem :lol:


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yak wrote:He has a miserable looking face :!: Why does he look so angry :?: What is his problem :lol:
Posted: Tue Jan 18, 2005 9:12 pm Post subject: True Story


'I am not from Singapore. I am a Malaysian, staying in Kuching Sarawak. What I am about to share with you is about my spooky but sad encounter which happened 3 years back. Three years ago, I was a student with one of the universities in Malaysia. I had a best friend who was always with me. We did everything together. Let's just called her Suzy. Suzy was a pretty but shy girl. She is from a broken family but rich. She could have everything she wanted. But it is not the reason why i befriended her. I only know that she is rich when we had been friends for 2 years. She had never tell me so. I knew about it when I went to her place for her brother's wedding. During our final semester, her mother bought her a brand new Mercedes sport for her to move around campus. At first she was embarrassed to be driving around with a posh ride but after a while she got used to it. After a final exam I packed my things to go home to kuching.'

'I remembered how sad suzy was and she was crying when she said goodbye to me, but i told her that I'll see her during our convocation. But she said that she will not be around. I just laughed this off and thought that she was just being sad. Then one night as i was preparing myself to sleep I remembered that I haven't called Suzy for a week. She must getting mad with me! I called her. The phone rang once, twice but no answer. Maybe she's sleeping, I thought. But on the third ring, I heard a voice, a faraway voice but Suzy's all the same. I asked her how's doing. She said that she missed me and scolded me for not calling her for a week.'

'Suddenly Suzy started to cry. She said sorry for all the things she had done and that she wants to meet me. So, I jokingly said that why not you come over to Kuching? Suzy said that she will. I just laughed. After saying goodbye, I turned out the light as I was getting sleepy, I heard my bedroom door opened, thinking that it was my mom, I just said "Goodnight Mom!" and flipped over my back.'

'Then suddenly I felt a very cold hand touching my back, very cold as if my back was drenched in ice water!! I got goose bumps all over my body!!! I tried to turn over but I could not moved. Then I heard a voice, "Goodbye Mae. Take care and I love you..." I thought to myself, how could it be suzy in my room?? She's in KL!!! Then I felt someone kissed my cheek. It was a cold kiss!!! Then it was gone... I quickly woke up and ran to my parents room and slept there the whole night. The next morning, I called Suzy but there's no answer. Then I called her house. I asked for her and the man from the other line shouted at me and said that I was trying to be funny. I was puzzled. When i told them I am Mae, only then did the man calm down and apologize. He is Suzy's brother and I went to his wedding before. I got the shock of my life when he said that suzy had died in a car accident one week ago. She was drunk and maybe she was speeding in her Mercedes and crashed into a retaining wall beside the highway. When I told her brother that I called her last night and talked to her, the brother wept because his brother told me that they tried to call me but did not have my number.'

'The next thing really freaked me out was when he told me that they had buried suzy with her hand phone as she was never seen without it. I couldn't take it anymore and the next thing i remembered was my mum comforting me...'

The above story explains it all :lol: Are you surprised at why he looks so miserable, Yak :?: :D

The story is a perfect match to his foto...........................don't you agree :wink:

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