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Spouse of SC (LTVP) to get a job in Singapore

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Spouse of SC (LTVP) to get a job in Singapore

Post by sgexpatl » Tue, 12 Oct 2021 11:29 am

Hi, I saw a related sharing on the forum back in 2017 and recently I encountered the same, so just wanted to share and see if anyone has faced the same situation before, and how you deal with the situation. #justsharing #seekforadvice

So my husband is SC and I'm holding a LTVP with PLOC living in SG. when I applied for LTVP with PLOC, I have consulted MOM and they say it is lawful for me to work here, and company won't need to sponsor work permit or pay foreigner quota.

I'm finishing my MBA soon by this year-end, so I started applying on varied job board these two months. There is one finding that when I fill in all the applications online, there is always a question about your identify (SC, PR, Foreigner), there is no option for LTVP with PLOC that I can choose. especially those MNC, big big companies... And i think if I submit as a foreigner, they probably will not retrieve my profile... one of the Chinese Tech company the HR told me my profile is matching but they can only accept SC or SPR applicants now according to the internal "document" by gov. so the reality is either company or agencies not like to take non SC or non SPR candidates nowadays.

is there any suggestion from the floor??? is it really difficult for a foreigner spouse to find a job in Singapore (even though with government's rightful approval) ?

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Re: Spouse of SC (LTVP) to get a job in Singapore

Post by Sunjackal » Wed, 13 Oct 2021 1:51 am

A lot of businesses, quite frankly, are just not aware of the fact that PLOC bypasses the quota for local hiring.

Worst comes to worst, just tick PR if no other options are available besides foreigner and then explain at the very earliest opportunity that you have a PLOC and ideally show it to them - as it has the instructions for them on it.

I’ve been quite lucky so far in that the MNC I’ve interviewed with seem to understand what it is. Their application didn’t ask my residency status, it just said, “Do you have the right to work in Singapore?”

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