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Can I find a job with this qualifications in the petrochemical industry

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Can I find a job with this qualifications in the petrochemical industry

Post by Che777 » Mon, 20 Sep 2021 12:35 am


I’m 29 years old and from Germany. I’ve been wanting to move abroad (SEA or Middle East) to work in the petrochemical industry but with my current education it seems difficult.

Right now, I only have a certificate for a ‘higher‘ blue collar’ job in the chemical industry, (chemical technician/operator) but with this I can’t really find a good job abroad and if only for little salary. And by the way it has become to boring to me now so I want to learn more to get a more interesting position. And besides, with my low calcification now it’s hard to find a company that sponsors a work visa and also for my future it’s probably not the best choice.

I asked about moving to Singapore many months ago also here in this Forum, but you guys advised me to get better education first to be more in demand. You said the blue collar jobs are done by Malays and I have no chance for a work visa.

This was the thread back then: viewtopic.php?t=138762

I want to ask you for your opinion on this specific qualification and if you would consider it worth doing. Here is the link of that program and what it’s about: ... ement-cci/

It is on Level 6 in the German Qualifications Framework, like regular BA’s from universities.
Granted, it’s not as hard as a real BA, but it easier and faster to get.

Do you think with this qualification there are good or bad chances of finding a job abroad like SEA or the Middle East?

I know this is a Singapore Forum and I consider Singapore a possible destination.
I also ask here about other countries in SEA or Middle East, because many of you are expats and maybe also can answer that question. (If this is the wrong Forum where should I ask?)

So do you think this education would increase my chances in finding a job abroad or do you think it won’t be really acknowledged because it’s not like a regular 4 years degree.

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