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Submission Grappling Jiu-jitsu

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Submission Grappling Jiu-jitsu

Post by thechiefdragon » Mon, 23 Aug 2021 7:54 pm

Hi there! Kell here :) (A 23-year-old dude)

I'm looking to roll with a couple of lads in an outdoor setting in the morning/evening(during the weekends). All levels are welcome (I'm still pretty much a white belt).

Had a cool thought of starting a vibrant outdoor submission grappling community. However I'm not currently looking for more than four other people at the moment due to the current Covid-19 restrictions (5 pax in a group). You should be fully vaccinated beforehand in order to participate in this small gathering. The number of people able to join later onwards should grow as the restrictions eases up.

This is the kind of environment where we can learn from each other, give feedbacks and help one another. Did I forget to mention that those with wrestling background are welcome too? The focus will mainly be on submission grappling and as far as you've read this post, you guessed it right! It's a no-gi hangout session.

As for the current venue, the West Coast Park would be good for now (In the future, I might add several places where we can have our rolling sessions.. say East Coast Park etc or any cool place we have in mind). I'm still looking to get a mat or two so I think we can make our first session happen in mid September.

I'm looking forward to our upcoming rolling session and making great friends.

If you're interested, do PM me


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Re: Submission Grappling Jiu-jitsu

Post by clementngqw » Wed, 30 Mar 2022 10:29 am

Hi, you do nogi? Im interested in looking for rolling partners. preferably east side

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