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Landlord threaten to terminate contract

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Landlord threaten to terminate contract

Post by mochitj » Mon, 23 Aug 2021 11:09 am

The landlord has accused me for causing damage in the toilet bowl just because the toilet has chocked and they requested me to pay for the plumber. From what they have said, it is because of the toilet has just been renovated and I have thrown too much waste in the toilet. However, firstly I have been using the toilet throughout 8-9 months with the same habit and there is no issue, and only after the renovation, the toilet has chocked in 1 month, I also realized the water after renovation is not as strong as pre-renovation. Secondly, the toilet is at the common area which everyone can use it. They have claimed that I didn't inform them immediately after I found out the chocked, but it was only a minor chocked which I would try flushing for a few more times before I inform them. I refuse to pay for it as I think it is not my faulty causing the toilet chocked as I don't think it is considered as a "damage" caused by me. After that, they keep finding the minor problems to threaten me to terminate the contract.

Just wanted to know is the chocked toilet considered as damage to premise and is tenant liable to pay for it?

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Re: Landlord threaten to terminate contract

Post by abbby » Tue, 24 Aug 2021 9:26 pm

Under the minor repair clause to be undertaken by the tenant, and you see the amount in excess which usually the landlord will pay the excess. Check your contract.
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