NS deferment and Exit Permit

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NS deferment and Exit Permit

Post by Chocosam » Tue, 20 Jul 2021 11:29 am

Hi all, I've been reading a lot of helpful post on this forum but wanted to clarify a few things. I know I'm asking this way in advance but just wanted to consider the pros and cons for the future
Me: Singaporean
Husband: British
We will be moving to UK very soon together with our 5 month old son. My son is Singaporean by default as I had given birth here. I only realized yesterday that I should have given birth overseas to make this so much easier! He is also British

As I now know, we wont be able to renounce SG citizenship until 21 unfortunately. We have applied for his Singapore and British passport. As many have advised, I will only use Singapore passport to leave the country and not use it again to prevent "socioeconomic benefits". Unfortunately I've already applied for Baby Bonus. Can I refund this back? Would it help in the future?

I wanted to clarify on the procedure - I noted that there is an exit bond to be placed once he turns 13. Can I check how does it work for him to be in the country for 1 year and 364 days if I shouldn't be using Singapore passport or renewing it? How would the govt know he's been in the country if he uses his British passport?

Also let's say we place this 75K bond and then request for deferment until age 21 and then renounce his citizenship without doing NS, will the bond then be taken by the govt? Or will we be able to get this money back?

Also, is it a must for me to give up my Singaporean citizenship for my son to not do NS?

Thank you for all your help and advise. Really appreciated and have been stressed out of my mind after finding out what we will have to go through.

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