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Apply for PR or continue with LTVP

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Apply for PR or continue with LTVP

Post by iceblue » Wed, 02 Jun 2021 6:05 am

Hi all, appreciate if you could give your views regarding my situation

-Director and shareholder of own company
-Salary average $110k

- LTVP from China
- Singapore for past 2 years under Spass before, but stopped working for 3 months after our marriage, currently employed in new company for the past 4 months
- Salary average $30k
- Diploma holder
- Married for the past 9 months
- Currently pregnant

I am thinking to apply for PR now for my wife or wait until our child is born before applying.

If we apply and get PR now, it would be better for us to buy our own home, but I read that with a Singaporean child, chances of PR approval is higher for my wife.

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Re: Apply for PR or continue with LTVP

Post by Sbk » Wed, 02 Jun 2021 6:16 am

ICA want to see stability in the marriage before granting PR which is normally 2 years of Marriage. So best to apply after 2 years of marriage even tho you will have a kid by then.
If you really cannot wait then at-least wait to renew your wives LTVP at-least once before applying for PR.
Note: If you apply too early, ICA might think it’s a marriage of convenient to get PR fast.

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