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SG Work Visa/ S Pass for "SPENT" UK conviction

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SG Work Visa/ S Pass for "SPENT" UK conviction

Post by pecheur » Sun, 23 May 2021 6:10 am

Planning to apply for work visa in Singapore. few questions on SG work visa with past conviction but its SPENT already and no existing criminal record.

- Does MOM SG immigration outright reject the work visa in SG for anyone with previous criminal record, even if its SPENT already and comes out as "No Live Trace" in cert?. Or is it based on case by case basis and they do consider approving work visa if its a SPENT conviction and "No live Trace"?

(Online sources: DBS checks will come out as SPENT and will appear blank as its "SPENT" already in UK)
- Has anyone got the work visa in SG approved with SPENT conviction elsewhere? (Any experience to share)
- What documents they might require?

It was a minor offence (mentioned below)
- Its just a community order to be attended for a minor offence (requesting help to mediator considered as going public and was considered criminal offence in UK)

(Online sources: Apparently either 1 of the question is asked in forms):
1. whether the applicant has a criminal record ?:
Online sources: (Under UK law, this conviction is considered SPENT and apparently does not have to be declared here as its considered SPENT in UK, other countries diff. rules might apply, hence trying to determine)
Even by Singapore law: the following is noted
Consequences of criminal record becoming or treated as spent

7E.—(1) Subject to subsection (2), if the record of a person’s conviction in the register is spent or is treated as spent under this Part —
(a) the person shall be deemed to have no record of that conviction, and it shall be lawful for him to answer a question asked of him on or after the appointed day about his criminal record or to disclose information about his criminal record in the manner as if he had no record of that conviction;
Online feedback seems to be mixed on this but will answer truthfully and will submit whatever documents required.

2. Have you ever been convicted in a court of law in any country? yes
Wondering your take on above questions?

just I amn't sure if SG MOM immigration dept. are rejecting work visa applications outright for anyone with past conviction even if its SPENT already and No live trace cert proof provided or are they considering approving based on case by case basis anyone with SPENT conviction?
Greatly appreciate your feedback

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