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Singapore PR Approval Chances 2021

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Singapore PR Approval Chances 2021

Post by BALAMURUGANSBM » Tue, 09 Mar 2021 11:54 am

Hi All,

Please assess my chance of getting PR approval. Thanks!

Age: 32
Race: Indian
Education 1: Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Tamilnadu, India
Education 2: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Anna University Curriculum), Tamilnadu, India
Occupation: Project Manager (Global Projects and Engineering)
Salary: 105 k + 10 k (avg bonus)
Overall experience: 12 years into core engineering projects and maintenance. 4 years experience in Tamilnadu, India
Last 8 years working in the same company, transferred from Saudi Arabia (3 years), Singapore (3 years) and Australia to support a project (1 year, away with family was holding EP and DPs) and back in Singapore for last 6 months with new role
Pass Type: E pass (Since 2015 November)
Living in Singapore since 2015 November with EP and DPs (a year gap, was on deputation in Melbourne)
Previously PR applied - 2 times rejected (one before online 2017 and second one in 2018)
Spouse: Indian, Age-26, Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Anna University Curriculum), live in Singapore since 2016 with my 4 years old son studying K1 in PAP sparkletots

The previous submission to this submission difference in salary increase and moved to new role, more of regional role, looking after Asia and responsible for large scale investments.

Applied PR (3rd time) in October 2021 with family after moving to new role - Waiting for update

I will be really grateful for your guidance and advice. Thanks in Advance.
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the observer
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Re: Singapore PR Approval Chances 2021

Post by the observer » Tue, 09 Mar 2021 12:09 pm

You’re up against a quota. That says enough.

And page 7 onwards may provide some clues.
It’s not entirely how much you earn. ... -paper.pdf

“ We recognise the need to maintain the racial balance in Singapore’s population in order to preserve social stability. The pace and profile of our immigration intake have been calibrated to preserve this racial balance. ”

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Re: Singapore PR Approval Chances 2021

Post by Lisafuller » Tue, 09 Mar 2021 12:53 pm

Like the observer mentioned, there are very specific quotas in place in order to preserve a predetermined racial balance. Within your racial group, you are competing against a big group of people, many of whom probably have a profile a lot like yourself. It is commendable that you have been promoted into a larger role since your last application. That may make a slight difference, however there is no way to tell whether or not it may be enough.

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