Things to consider when buying the best skateboard decks

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Things to consider when buying the best skateboard decks

Post by reesebruen » Mon, 18 Jan 2021 6:52 pm

SkateAdvisors will help you to come up with the criteria and important considerations to find the best skateboard decks for you. It is composed of many different factors. So, the first important thing you have to know is what you want. Read the article carefully!

How do I choose the right skateboard?

Please define the category in which you will be in the direction of the slide

If you're a newbie to the sport, you'll probably think that the skateboard is just a piece of wood with a wheel attached to it. In fact, this sport is divided into many different types of slides. So the first thing you need to do is determine whether you will want to skate or practice technique. Of course, boards can be used for these two purposes, but in terms of suitability, it won't be as good as a single-function board.


Sliding table of skateboard

Do you know? Table shape and width greatly affect the performance of your skateboard, the process you perform difficult engineering moves.

The skateboard floor is the most important part of the body that supports the body, allowing players to perform acrobatic movements or speed racing. So it is an extremely important factor affecting the safety and grip of the foot.

Traditional skating table is usually made from many thin wooden boards (average 7 layers) that are bonded together to form a flat surface, to give the board stability and durability during use.

The size and shape of the skateboards influence the different styles of skateboarding. Therefore, it is important in the process of choosing a skateboard that you need to choose the right form, as well as the size of your skateboard.

Width of the sliding table

To choose the best skateboard decks you need to note that the width of the skateboard usually ranges from 7.5 to 8.5 inches. The wider the skateboard, the easier it is to perform movements but less balanced, so you need to consider the factors to get the best skateboard.

Width of two axles

Axle distance is the distance between two groups of wheels of the skateboard. It directly affects the comfort of skis during use. For tall friends (with long legs), choose skis with long shaft spacing. The larger the shaft width, the larger the turning radius (when the skateboard is tossed up) and vice versa, which better supports the gliding.

Slide table shape

For each type of skateboard, each manufacturer calculates for their skis to have different surface shapes for the skateboarder's skateboarding purposes. The shape of the surfboard surface affects the curl and spin of the board.

+ The flat skis for easier swinging ability, performing better art moves.

+ The concave boards are balanced, firm, and easier to control.

Axles connecting wheels and slides

The wheel axle plays a decisive role in performing the swing and flip movements of the skateboard.
The wheel shaft is the part that connects the wheels to the skateboard table. This is also a decisive factor in the ability of the skateboard to spin and flip.

You can change the tightness and looseness of the spindle for easier turning of the spindle by tightening or loosening the buttons (screws) on the shaft bearings. The loosened the shaft, the easier it is to flip the skis, while the tighter the shaft, the easier it is to stabilize and balance.
In addition, changing the rigidity of the spindle also affects the ability of the skateboard shaft to rotate during the player's control of the board.

Wheel shaft height

You probably already know that the size of the wheel axle directly affects your skateboard performance.

Height adjustment is very important while using the skateboard.

Low: Makes skis more flickering and agile, and at the same time helps skis get a better balance. The low axle usually comes with small wheels, so the ability to flip is quite low, and at the same time with a lower center of the fall, the safety and balance are good, so it is very suitable for beginners to skateboard.

Medium: suitable for skateboards going on the road or in parks, as this type of shaft height gives the skis high flexibility. Therefore, most of the skateboard lines on the market have shaft heights around this.

+ High: High-axis skateboards mainly used for speed racing or swinging, good sagging, less attention to performance.

Spindle Width: Usually, the wheel shaft is the same width as the width of the skis. Most axes range in width from 7.5 to 8 inches.

Wheel shaft lining

This is a flexible rubber piece that connects the wheel shaft and the part that is fixed to the skateboard. Usually, there will be 2 wheel shaft pads.

+ Rigid lining: helps create a better force for the skateboard to perform tipping moves or operate harder.

Soft padding is less strong but provides good support for easier skateboard rotation. Tightening the axle through the liner will affect the operation of the axle quite a bit.

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Re: Can I find a part time job??

Post by sundaymorningstaple » Mon, 18 Jan 2021 7:34 pm

At the moment, probably no. maybe in one or two years, provided the world gets a grip on Covid. About the only part-time jobs are in the F&B industry which is taking a beating. I'd worry more about your grades.
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