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PR Application for Stepson (12 yrs in SG)

Posted: Mon, 11 Jan 2021 2:05 am
by captpotato
Hello I would like to raise a question about PR Application Rate on how to improve my portfolio.

Little background about me:
1. I am an Indonesian, 22 years old male.
2. Been staying as a Foreign Student in Singapore for the past 10 years +
3. Passed 2 national exams, PSLE and O level. Highest qualification right now is Diploma from Temasek Polytechnic.
4. Currently pursuing a Degree in NTU.
5. My stepfather is pure Singaporean together with the rest of my other siblings.
6. My mother is pure Indonesian (holding LTVP+) who got legally married to my stepfather both in Singapore and Indonesia. (Apparently, They have to get married in both countries)
7. Been working Part Time job ever since Sec 3 (right now i am in my second year in university)\
8. My mother got legally married to my stepfather when she was having me and gave birth to me in Indonesia.

Current situation:

1. Been trying to apply PR for the past 6 years. Results were always rejected.
2. Really scared to be separated from my whole family if I have to go back to Indonesia alone as my whole family is literally in Singapore.

1. Should I improve my portfolio for my next PR Application (Planning to re-apply in the month of December) But how?
2. Should I graduate first, get an E-Pass(required to serve a tuition grant bond of 3 years) then apply PR in the middle of serving a tuition grant bond.

I really dont know what to do? I am confused at myself at times. How I wished I could turn back times?
please help me guys

Re: PR Application for Stepson (12 yrs in SG)

Posted: Mon, 11 Jan 2021 9:01 am
If you can get an E-Pass (and obviously a job) do so, then apply PR once you have some tax assessment in hand. The gahmen is trying to avoid letting in dependents who may become a burden. Prove them wrong.