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New EP cards without expiry date printed

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New EP cards without expiry date printed

Post by Wd40 » Fri, 13 Nov 2020 4:40 pm

I understand its been sometime since, MoM stopped printing expiry date on EP cards and we need to go to some app and scan the QR code to see the validity.

How does this work with some of the companies who ask us for the copy of the EP to verify validity? My EP is expiring and new cards will arrive soon. My telco M1 and credit card ICBC have asked me for the copy of the new EP card to prove the new expiry date. Looks like these companies still dont know about the new EP card rule?

I thought MyInfo is the place where all our info is stored and can be shared with companies. Then why dont these companies know about it yet? :???:

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Re: New EP cards without expiry date printed

Post by malcontent » Sat, 14 Nov 2020 1:54 am

Not sure if I’m supposed to do this, but I typed EXP: 2020-09-14 using small font and printed it, then I cut it out and taped it to the back of my EP. I did this mainly for myself, for easy reference. So far, some seem to accept and trust that date (it looks reasonably official), but others use the QR code.
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